The ghost of Beethoven

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This morning I come into Lordly House. Ah, such a lovely place this is... beautiful calming furniture, atmosphere of royalty, piano playing by itself...


The ghost of Beethoven

So, I'm finally visited by something supernatural. Again.

Wait, maybe it was just something to do with the weather, it being rainy again now for the first time in months. Perhaps the change in temperature and humidity is making the piano strings... jump or jerk or something.

Naah, that's a stupid explanation.

I look at the piano. The song continues. It sounds like a child trying to play a simple song, or perhaps an adult trying to play a childish song.

Well, there's nobody sitting by the piano. The lid is still closed, so I can't see if perhaps something inside the lid is playing the keys.

"Hey, nice!", I say, just in case there's somebody invisible here. Whatwith all them beings in other dimensions and all.

But no, usually my intuition would tell me if something is exciting, scary, or nothing to be afraid of. Right now, my intuition doesn't want me to believe that something supernatural is playing the piano.

So I just walk over and open the lid. Nope, nothing on the keys.

I open the bottom panel. There's nothing there, but there are a lot of mouse droppings. I close the panel again.

Then I open the top panel.

GOOD SWEET GRANDMA ON A STICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's rats everywhere!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

They skedaddle into the piano's intricate workthings as soon as they see me.

Now I see what's been playing the piano. At the bottom of the hammers, there's like these hooks attached to the hammers. The mice have been running around on that, and the hammers have been hitting the strings and playing the piano something in the line of Fur Elize.

GOD DAMMIT!!! First the black plague, then they ruin my clothes, now they're destroying my piano!!

There's flannel and filt and whatever that material is that covers everything inside a piano, laying around everywhere in chewed morsels among all the mouse droppings. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

Now how do I get them out of here? I take a screwdriver from a drawer. The mice hide themselves well; when I get back to the piano I can't find them anywhere in there anymore.

Finally I take a can of pesticide and spray a huge cloud of it into the piano and close the lid. It probably won't kill the mice but it maybe it will slow them down. Bloody pests.

Finally, next time I open the bottom lid, there's one now! Like quick lightning it disappears. But I spot it again; it's hiding itself really well in a crevice.

How to get it out? I decide to hook it out with the screwdriver. But I get irritated with all the effort and not quite getting it, so I just jab it into the crevice.

Finally! I can hear the mouse scream. I take out the screwdriver. The mouse is still completely lively, even though I now see that the screwdriver went through it's body like a hot knife through butter. It simply slices right through.

Having a screwdriver going through its body doesn't seem to bother it though. It's still trying to run away, apparently oblivious to being completely impaled.

Now how do I kill it? If being stuck on a screwdriver going right through its body isn't killing it, what can I do now? Maybe jab it again with something else, this time trying to aim for its heart or something?

I take it to the bathroom and just drown it. It seems holding it under water for only a few seconds kills it almost instantly.

Great, one down. But I know this wasn't the only one. Back to the piano I go, searching every nook and cranny with the screwdriver. The mice even chewed on the piano's hammers. And the bar of filt that goes over the strings when you step on the softening pedal, is missing a huge piece of filt that they have chewed off.

I find no more of the mice in the piano; they must have scuttled off at some point, but I do put rat poison inside it. I'll have to vacuum clean all this mess that they made inside this instrument later today.

Can somebody please start work on a plan to wipe out all rodents on earth? I'll pay you whatever I can. Which is about five bucks right now. But see it more as that you'll be doing mankind a favor, not just me.

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