The grand Old Lady..

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one day I was looking at houses..and come across a house that was falling to pieces..and wondered what history it held within its walls..and it inspired me to write a poem/ story about it..

The Grand Old Lady..

The grand old lady sits alone
On her broken down porch today
Her memories are slowly beginning to fade

She remembers the old days that used to be
Of children laughing and playing so bold
Amongst the flowers in the fields of gold
The sounds of joyment from families gathered
Of songs and dance from merrymen with their flasks
What happened to those days
She does ask

She looks in the mirror
But someone else has taken her youth
For ageing has replaced her youthful looks
Her hair is no longer golden
Has turned to silver and grey
What has become of her yesterdays
The wrinkles on her face have become adorned
Like her clothes that are tattered and torn
The body is crippled with bones of old
And she finds it hard to move around anymore

What happened to the days that used to be
Before the war came and changed everything
People became divided between the north and south
Brothers fought brothers
Fathers lost their sons
Mothers cried for their children
Left to pick up the pieces
To go on with life was hard for them
Never to be able to see them again

Like herself
Her house is in much need of repair
Windows shattered
Floors bare
For there in the rooms lies her own story
Of being born and bred in all her glory

She remembers the days when friends were near
And how they gathered with much cheer
To sit around the table with tea
And tell of stories that they hear
Many have moved and many have gone
Now she is left so alone

Now the fields have turned to dust
And the wind has become so unjust
Its blown away the history that once was
Of this place she calls home...


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I am a mother, a grandmother. I write about life experiences and spirituality.

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author avatar amberdextrous
3rd Oct 2011 (#)

Beautiful words and thoughts, ennael, and a clever analogy linking an old home to an ageing body and mind, and the memories they each echo.

My own "house" could do with some renovation... certainly the roof needs repair, but the foundations are still sound.

Thank You for posting this thought-provoking poem.

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author avatar Ennael
3rd Oct 2011 (#)

thankyou..for your kind words..:)

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author avatar Songbird B
5th Nov 2011 (#)

I love your style of poetry, Ennael...This is clever and moved me...I shall be following your work my friend.

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