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Gerry Legister By Gerry Legister, 29th Mar 2011 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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If you are panicking now over situation that you are seeing in the world, just wait until things hot up a little more, you will be bleeding from the heart.

Bleeding from the heart

We watch the security of our finance crumble in trading blows, and what was perfectly normal has disappeared, In exchange; we are given the balm of hope as only a temporary measure. But there is a certain part of our heart that will go on forever.

We need divine intervention right now in our world, we lift our hands and bow our knees, in God's presence, we need a favor, to stop the bleeding heart, to stop fear, and mismanagement, the prayer is for God to give us a new hope, right where we are in our inept faltering state, even as we put our hope in each other, our concerns are insurmountable.
The heart of our nation is bleeding. None of the policies seemed to making it right, all ideas have lost its strength in the addiction of daily argument, and poverty and death is a stronger drug crueler than before. As in dreams we hope that one day serenity will follow the heart into a magical place.

We need you lord, in streams of faith resources, love us not as we love you, help us, although we have tempted you; with indiscipline measures we have deprived the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. But In the twilight of this dispensation, the aspect of fear continues to incite our heart to bewilderment.

We watch the security of our finance crumble in trading blows, like building bricks falling one by one, on top of each other, the pile resembles the ashes of sin trampled underfoot, and when hope is almost gone we are left with only a prayer, to forgive us of our trespasses, and create in us a clean heart.

In exchange, we are given the balm of trading as only a temporary measure, but the die is cast and we are on the downward spiral, politicians are just mere mortals not miracle workers, but we stand together in trials and crosses, making mistakes and learning to pray, earning what we deserve, the fruits of ill gotten gain has caught up with the smugglers and overtaken the wreck.

Who are we to blame for the nervous equilibrium state we have gotten ourselves into? Adam and Eve lost the paradise garden of Eden, and there was absolutely no going back, are we are about to lose our world to a defining moment in history? Where prophecy comes based upon the wrath of implemented bi chip.
Revelation 13:17 “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”
Deception everywhere has brought the credit system of earth to a standstill, unless there is remarkable intervention, all kingdoms will try to assure depositors that their concerns will be safe, giving a guarantee of returnable bond, but there will be sleepless nights from now on, and the anxiety over finance will grow deeper, followed by the numbing sensation of the pale hose bringing up the rear.

We humans, on earth, stands at the threshold of losing credibility, and all the privilege that citizens had taken for granted, but where sin abound, grace goes a step further, and the outreached hand of tender mercy abounds where sin has left its marked, someone had to pay for the respect of human life so the message can be more relevant today, we were given the key to heaven, now we have lost everything and still bleeding from the heart.

Slain to cover our shame, I am only breathing because I am bleeding like you, bleeding every day, trying to make things right, I am like the man whose blood flowed from the ripped wound, hung limpidly on the criminals cross, with his head bow in deep contrition; he was wounded for our transgression, and bruised for our iniquities, and he likewise died from a broken heart.


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