The hidden serpent

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Snakes.... snakes snakes snakes!!! If only they weren't poisonous, they'd be much more popular reptile pets. But, since many are poisonous, well, KILL THEM KILL THEM KILL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAA!!!!

The expensive boat

The day before we came to Westland, Father bought us a very expensive boat. We were looking for an inexpensive inflatable rowboat, but at all the supermarkets we checked, they were sold out. So Father just bought a very expensive one at Sportman's Warehouse for R3,500. It can take a motor, but this one doesn't have a motor included. I thought it's very expensive and at first didn't think we would take it, but Father took it. He was especially keen on it when one of the other customers walked up to us and told us about how his brother had bought one and the fun they had with it, although that one had a motor included for the same price we're buying it now.

Anyway, Father and Elmarie's two little boys inflated the boat and got it ready, so that we can all go rowing.

But, oh dear, Elmarie takes forever to get ready and Father loses patience with her. I also think she can really simplify her life. She can just put the boys in their swimming trunks, smear them with sunblock, grab towels and they're ready to go. Of course I'm quite sure that they can even do all of that themselves.

Instead, Elmarie takes about two hours to get ready for our simple half-hour boating session. She wants to take them each a squeezebottle of water, but they put them somewhere and she doesn't know where they are and then it's running around crazy all over the place and so on and on. I don't want to be a smart alec, but I do believe she can really teach them to do some stuff for themselves like fill their own water bottles and put on their own swimming trunks and get their own towels. It seems she's still one of those mothers who tries to do everything herself and ends up freaking out like a mental person bursting out in tears.

At Father's impatience, she just breaks down in tears and goes "You know what?? I don't even want to go anymore!! I'm so stressed out I can't even think anymore!!!"

It's obvious she actually can't because she already filled the waterbottles with water but she's pouring out that water so she can have room in them to fill them up with water.

Finally we have the two boys with Petros and I and the boat on the back of the truck, and Father and Elmarie get into the front. The boys seem quite excited to go on this trip.

But, oh dear again, Elmarie then has another fight with Father because she refuses to let her boys ride on the back where she can't see them. Oh dear!!!

"They'll be just fine; they like it there!" Father says to her.

But she loses her temper again and says fine, she'll just go ride with them then. She gets onto the back of the truck too, mumbling things about how she's sorry them city folk are such an inconvenience for the farm folk.

Anyway, we finally get the boat down to the river. Waldorfski is there to help us too. Another argument breaks out between Father and Petros about which end of the boat is the front. It looks exactly the same, except one part has extra thingies to hold the motor, should a motor ever be added.

Father decides on a front, and says we should tie a rope to the front. But while Father and Waldorfski try to get the truck out of the sand, Petros actually turns the boat around. Not that it helps. Father later notices what he said is the front, is not where the rope is tied. But enough of that.

While we are enjoying our boating trip on the river, Waldorfski is gathering wood with the truck. A very nice boating trip we have this day.

Sneaky snake

The next day, Waldorfski is driving with the truck, when suddenly he looks to the passenger side of the seat. A huge, huge black snake that just slithered from behind the seat onto the seat, stands up face to face with Waldorfski.

The next moment Waldorfski is out of the truck, and the truck keeps moving forward until it comes to a standstill by itself.

On the back of the truck, there is a rake. Waldorfski grabs the rake, and hooks the snake out of the car, throwing it to one side. Bloody pestilence!

Waldorfski puts the rake back on the truck, thinking it's all over. But when he turns around, there's that ghastly snake coming straight at him.

Waldorfski has to make a run for it. When he looks back, it appears the snake had gone back into the truck somewhere. Waldorfski then calls Father on the two way radio to come help.

When Father and Petros arrive, they have no idea where that snake is. The truck isn't usable to anyone as long as that snake is somewhere in it. Could it have climbed into the engine compartment?

Waldorfski opens the bonnet. Bad idea.

There's the snake standing straight up in his face. And the venomous spit is flying through the air.

The venom hit Waldorfski in the face; fortunately he turned his head away just in time and got very little in his eyes but a lot on the side of his face, as well as in his mouth. A "metalic" taste, Waldorfski would later describe it as.

But now the snake has given its position away, and with the help of Father, a shovel and a rake, it isn't long before the snake will never spew venom at anyone ever again.

A very shocked Waldorfski has to go home immediately and take a good shower. His face is getting very red and his eyes are, as he says, "scratchy". It takes him a good scrubbing to get that venom off, as well as a thorough mouthbrushing with a toothbrush.

Mother sends Father with a bottle of Coke, to give Waldorfski for the shock. And to get that ghastly metal taste of the poison out of his mouth.

At dinner on the stoep of Canyon Manoir, overlooking the river in the clear moonlight, we all try to guess how that snake appeared inside the car in the first place.

Did Waldorfski leave the doors open anywhere? He says he leaves the doors closed, but the windows always open or it gets too hot inside.

But would a snake ordinarily reach as high as a car window? Could be. But perhaps it's something else.

Then Waldorfski does remember that yesterday, when they were getting wood, he did have the car door open for a while while they were busy getting the wood.

Father believes that must have been when the snake got inside the cabin, and must have been behind the seat or under the seat or inside the jack's bag or somethingorother, ever since then. Probably why the snake came back when Waldorfski threw it out the first time - it probably already felt like it belongs in the car.

In conclusion: Snakes have too much power!!! Whaaaa!!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I can NOT come to terms with snakes having the ability to spit venom. It gives them far too much power. They already have so much counting in their evil favor being able to hide themselves virtually anywhere, being long and thin in shape, and having deadly fangs that can give fatal bites to innocent people accidentally coming too close. Now to top it off, they can shoot venom at anyone even not being that close, not unlike a gun can kill over a distance???? FAR TOO MUCH OF AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE I TELLS YA!!!!!!!!! I hate them!

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No snakes for me mate!

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