The hole in the wall

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Marzeus has been washing his clothes in the washing machine. When it comes time to carry them over to the tumble dryer, he notices an interesting thing: The tumble dryer is moved forward and standing out of place.

The hole in the wall

Then Marzeus sees it: There's been made a hole in the wall. Fortunately not by burglars - this hole is going to be a new door to the new west wing Father and Mother are adding to the house.

For months now many builders under the guidance of Waldorf, have been at work on it. Father decided that they would build the entire west wing first, before they finally break a door through to the existing mansion.

And today is that day. Very unusual site to see how a doorway is being broken through what for years had used to be an outside toilet for the servants. Now that toilet's outside doorway is the doorway into the west wing, and another door is being broken into the wall of the house so from now on what used to be a toilet, will be a short hallway.

Later in the afternoon, Father and Mother come back from work. Father asks Marzeus for some help carrying a TV from the car. It is what is called a Plasma TV, the new kind, a thin, big TV.

First Marzeus thought it might be to replace the TV in the current living room. But nope - Father bought this for their new bedroom in their brand new west wing.

Father and mother will live in the new fancy west wing. Their old bedroom will become a guest room that will mostly be used by Marzeus' brother and his wife and their two infant and baby daughters, whenever they come for a visit.

This new west wing is so fancy and smart and modern, it makes the old house, which Marzeus always thought looked smart, look so dull and old and lived up.

And so, life always brings in the new.

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