The house is yellow

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Let it be known by all that this here house is a colour of the yellowish persuasion. Such is an important notice to put on all houses in order to accommodate the colourblind.

This house is yellow

We live on a corner with streets on two sides of the house. Across one of the streets, there's an empty house. Looks like the people might have moved out.

Cyan and I love to go over to their front yard, where there is this pipe going straight into the ground for what appears to be miles, I assume it's the borehole.

We love to shout down it, for it makes the sound of your voice sound all cool and stuff. We also love to drop little pebbles down it to see if we can hear them drop at the bottom. This vertical tunnel seems really, really deep.

Later on we also decide to explore the backyard of the house. The house itself, painted yellow, is locked so we never go in, but we love to play around in the yard. It's just so cool to play in a new environment.

There is a spot where a bunch of charcoal is collected. Must be from their barbeque fires or something.

On one of these trips to this abandoned yard, I take a piece of charcoal and write "THE HOUSE IS YELLOW" on a small part of the house. Seems fitting, since the house is yellow. Kind of like a piece of fitting, sensemaking graffiti.

Not long after, Cyan and I decide to leave. But just as we are leaving out of one end of the backyard, around the house on the other end comes this man. Perhaps he was the previous owner or the new owner or an estate agent or family of some of the former. We try to leave quickly.

But he sternly calls us back. Cyan is three years older than me and probably feels more responsible so he goes back to the man.

The man is beyond furious over the "THE HOUSE IS YELLOW" writing on the wall, probably more because he felt scared or violated that neighbourhood kids have been "overrunning" this property and vandalizing it. Well if that can be called vandalizing. It probably can be wiped off easily. But we obviously violated somebody's feelings.

Cyan is using water and his hands to wipe off only "THE HOUSE", but the rest he says is mine. But I'm just too young and scared of that angry man to go there while he's here, so while Cyan is busy doing that, I walk around to the front yard and hide there, waiting for Cyan. When he comes, he says the man wants me to go clean the house. But I tell him let's make a run for it and come back for that later.

So we do. We walk around the block, hoping the man would be gone when we come back again. But, about three quarters down the block, there comes the man in his car from the front, looking like he wants to stop us again but decides he's done enough and drives off.

Well, we'll go clean his house but Cyan says it didn't come off properly when he was using his hands and water; we need to get something like a brush or cloth and spray soap. So we go to my house to do so.

However, at my house everybody is angry. More than usual. Yes, I definitely notice they're angrier than usual. I ask them what is wrong. Elly hisses at me that it won't help to play dumb.

Basically it turns out Cyan had told the man where I live, and he had come right to our house to come complain about the abomination we committed, destroying the back facade of that yellow house and scarring it for life. Or something along those lines. Personally I think it sounded a lot worse and put the impression in people's heads that we had all but demolished the whole building. Just wait until Father comes home, they say, then punishment the likes of judgement day shall be bestowed upon me.

In all the tension, Cyan seems to have fled to his home. There, he got a hiding as punishment for our destructive ways. Oh no, I cringe, this thing is spiraling out of control! Can't we just have gone to go clean off my little four word writing on the wall and that would be that?

But the thing is too big now. The issue has grown into a monster. Roy and Petros, Cyan's oldest brother and mine, decide they'll come with me with a bucket and cleaning stuff to go clean off that house. I feel better being accompanied by our bigger brothers, and that they decided to come help. Or maybe they just wanted to come see the cool property destruction we had committed.

Fortunately the mission seems successful, although it's unfortunately getting dark and we can't really see properly that the wall is now clean.

Four little words. Four small words written on a wall, not bigger than 20 x 15 cm. Yet the impact they had was that of a 10 ton steamroller. Cyan was punished, an owner/estate agent was upset, my family was shocked at my out-of-control ways, and now I would probably be punished by being flogged.

But fortunately when Father comes home and learns of the incident, his thinking is that we already made it right by cleaning the wall and leaving the place as we found it. No biggie. Father used to be an advocate, see. That's probably what any fair and just court of law would have ordered me to do in the situation to set the matter right. And we already did that. Thank you Petros and Roy for your help!

Too bad Cyan got a beating out of it when really it was my writing on the wall. I hope I can face him again after this.

The lesson is: Never express yourself on walls that don't belong to you. Or, .... yeah, that's about it.


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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
1st Oct 2013 (#)

Good Morning, Marzeus. What a lovely story and moral. I shall forgo writing on any walls that are not my own today, promise. ~Marilyn

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