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A brief rant about the proliferation of awful television and its influence on wider society.

Dumb is as dumb does.

Anyone who has read a few of my articles - or read my profile - knows I enjoy television. I like good television; well written, directed and acted. Coupled with a good premise, it is unbeatable.
What I do not like is crap television. What constitutes crap television? I would say almost exclusively - but not totally - reality television.
I understand why reality television is popular. It is cheap to make - so it is great for production companies - and it allows everyone to believe that they can, maybe one day, gain their fifteen minutes of fame.
There is also another reason, a more selfish, egotistical, superior reason; it makes people feel smart. The, frankly, idiotic people who populate reality television cannot be smarter than you, can they? Of course not.
The really galling thing about reality television is, like any popular program, it filters into society. So as over the years, phrases from hit, fictitious, television shows and films have influenced street speak, reality television, which should just reflect parts of society, is now influencing society!
If, as I suspect, you like language and word play, reality television is to be avoided at all cost. The educational strength of television is forever being diluted, catering to our increasingly lackadaisical society. Unfortunately, in our 'make it easy' generation, where everything is easy or an excuse is made as to why it's to hard to do, the market for gormless television is vast.
As society gets fatter and more lazy, the hope of crappy television, reality shows, 'talent' shows and chat shows ever leaving our screens is minimal.
Luckily with there being so many channels these days, you can always find good, well written shows, if you want to avoid your brain getting turned to mush by reality or crappy television.


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I am a fitness instructor dreaming of being a film script writer. I tend to write - or rant! - about anything that takes my fancy.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
25th Nov 2011 (#)

There are some mindless shows that I do like we cannot watch serious shows all the time or they bring us down. I stopped watching the news for that.

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author avatar Denise O
25th Nov 2011 (#)

I am with Mark, I too like some stupid type shows at times but, I am veru diverse when it comes to my television watching. As you have stated, we do have so many channels now a days. Thank you for sharing.:)

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