The importance of being earnest

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Oh, so THATS why I need to understand the meaning of the words Im saying!

Know what you say, say what you mean, mean what you... whatever

Well, it seems it was a huge thing that I started to talk. Everybody would encourage me. Momma, Poppa, these two being the popular words to know.

I seem to have developed a form of speaking Yes and No too, though it doesn't seem I feel what I'm saying yet; for now I just know I have to respond when people talk.

Somebody in the neighbourhood wasn't always with all the other children I've seen. But she's popped up. I truly believe she was never born. She was just there one day. I seem to be learning her name; Audrey it is.

We haven't played together much yet, nor are we talking to each other a lot, but we do seem to have taken some kind of interest in interacting with each other.

One day I'm outside our house by our cars. Audrey is also there. We seem to be getting along well, enjoying our playtime together.

Suddenly my brother comes out angrily. "Who said our car is ugly??!", he says in angry tones.

Audrey and I look at him confused. Nobody was speaking anything of the like.

Then he addresses me. That's right, I talk now.

"Did she say our car is ugly?!", he demands.

Ok, here is where I give a response right? I say something.

Suddenly my brother storms Audrey and she runs away. He pulls her hair by her ponytail until she screams with pain, running away to heir house across the street, crying all the way.

Oh no. I had said yes. I didn't mean yes. Did I even say yes? Maybe what I said sounded like yes. Oh no. So this is how it works; somebody asks a question, there is more answers than "yes".

For many childhood years, it bothers me how I caused Audrey pain and rejection by saying yes that day. Her bloodcurling screams as she ran away still echo in my mind. The situation was just so suddenly upon us that day and I had no time to think what to answer in order to be more accurate, or to think about what the consequences would be.

I felt bad about it for years to come. But fortunately it didn't stop Audrey and me to become friends for many consequent years either. Many fun times would follow.

Still, because of that day, I learned the importance of being earnest, honest and truthful.


Lie, Lied, Lies, Lies Deceit, Misunderstand, Misunderstanding, Misunderstandings, Misunderstood

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