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A young boy finds out he has something special, and so does doctors. The doctors tries to manulate what he has and end up almost destroying the humand race.


Mono-log of January 12Th 2015 “We manage to separate the unknown, and the known. There was only thousand Survivors” In the back ground a strange noise and growling can be herd. “But who’s to be certain, certain that I am the last survivor. Am I what last or half of last of what mankind is, or did more make it? Who to say this thing didn’t spread! I mean I haven’t seen a Humans soul since the last departure. If I am the last human to live, then I have just one question. What have mankind and I done? Have we destroyed the human race? Is this all my fault? I’ am Lucien and this is my story.

In a dark moist cave, two males with flashlights tide to their helmet swings back and forth searching for something. As they swing there pick-axe you can hear the clatter of the pick-axe throughout the whole entire cave.
One of the guys struggles to move a rock. So, then he call over the other guy. “Phillip come and help me move this rock, it a bit heavy!” He still struggling to move the rock as Phillip replies, “Alright Johnny I will be over there in a second.” As Phillip walks towards Johnny a strange shadow catches his eye distracting him for a second making him stumble and falling over some rocks. “Crap,” Phillip said.
Meanwhile, Johnny Still struggling to move the rock, then all of a sudden a strange mist blows into the cave, and the heavy rock that Johnny tried to move, goes flying into the air. Then underneath the rock, these red eyes, Looked up at Johnny gleaming at him. The eyes were horrified Johnny as he looked at them. He froze with fear, as the eyes resembled the devil looking at him. Then the strange shadowed figure jumped out of the hole on to Johnny Pinning him on the ground, then biting him on his forearm. “Phillip looked up at Johnny seeing the figure on top of him. Phillip then grabs a rock and throws it at the shadow figure. The shadow figure then scurried back into the whole. Philip ran over to Johnny asking him “Are you okay?” Johnny looked at Philip and nodded yes in a reply. Philip then helped him out to his feet by grabbing him by the arm, touching were the strange figure bit Johnny. As Johnny moans in pain, Philip lets go. Johnny held himself up, as he had enough strength to do so. Philip looked at his hand and notices the blood, “Johnny, your bleeding!” He shouts out, echoing the cave. Johnny looked at his forearm, then looking back up at Philip saying, “We need to go.” Philip then replies, “Yes, we need to get you to a hospital.” Johnny interrupts him before he could finish his sentence, “No, Just take me home.” Philip tries to convince him otherwise but Johnny shouts “No, I said take me home!” Philip then looks at him in a blank faced.
After the small dispute they left the cave. After a few hours of driving they finally arrived at Johnny’s house. Johnny got out of the car, and walk to the door. He opened the door and walked in. In the kitchen Mary, who herd the door shut. She then walked into the living, where Johnny stood. She notices that Johnny had his armed wrapped in shirt, which he had done in the car. She then saw the blood on his pants that was from the wound on his arm. His wife then asked him, ‘What happened to your arm?” He then replied and said, “Nothing.” As she looked up into his eye’s they were pure black, she got caught into the abyss of his eyes. It was like staring into the bottom of the ocean, but unable to look away. His eye has put here into a trance. She froze there like ice. They both looking into each other eyes.

The Inner Me Chapter One

April 17, 2010

The day begin as a normal day, it was hot and sunny around 9:15am. We were out here early because the track team had a meet today, and I was the star runner. It was right before my run I would usually get nervous, thinking about how I could mess up, but even though I thought I would I never did. I stared down the starting point of the track as I was sitting behind the runners in-front of me. See the starting point was setup with chairs that was lined in a row from the order the runners would go. First the 100 meters runners, then the 400 meters and so on.

I started To look around to see if I could see my father, at first I didn’t see him then I took a quick glanced by the fence, and there he was. Tommy, one of the guys on my team, nudged me as it was time for us to run, I got-up out of my seat and approached the starting line. I took a deep breath, then took my starting position. I waited for the judges to shoot the gun to start us off. *pop* I took off as soon as I herd the gun go off, I started off in front with 5 Runners behind me. Not looking behind me the whole way I jumped the first hurdle, then the second, the third. After the fourth hurdle I felt strange. Then out of nowhere I mass of weight just struck me, I stumbled to the ground hitting it hard, first my head then the rest of my body. As I tried to get up I couldn’t something was holding me down. My eye’s was closed so I couldn’t see what it was, I could hear voices all around me,”Wake up, Lucien, Wake up!” My arms felt like they were on fire, my legs was numb with pain. As I couldn’t move I stop struggling, I was unconscious.

I awoke in a strange place, I was in the middle of the streets. I was looked around to see houses, and building were on fire, the road was cracked, I mean this placed looked like it was hit by a bomb. I could hear screaming coming from the building, behind me. “Lucien, help me!” I walked towards the house where I herd the voice, it was the only one that wasn’t on fire. As I got closer the voice got louder. “Lucien, help me please!” I walked closer and closer to the house, until I was on the front steps. At that point I realized it was my house. That this was my block!

I lifted up my hand placing it on the door knob, then turning it, thus opening the door. The door Creaked open. The house was pitched black dark. I walked in, then turning on the lights, in-front of me was three black figures. They were dressed up in robs, they appeared to be floating, and you couldn’t see there face, just there eyes which glowed red. I stood there frozen, on of the black figure placed his hand on me, flashes of images flew threw my head, they were of my mother. It felt like I couldn’t breath, I tried to get away but couldn’t. “Wake up, Lucien, Wake up!” There voices were there again. I closed my eyes, then reopened them, I awoken in a hospital, I looked felt my neck, as the dream felt so real. I looked around my father was seating next to me. I then looked down at my legs and noticed my it was in a cast. I asked my dad, “How long have I been here?”, he replied, “Only a few hours.” A men with a white coat came in, asking me how I was feeling, I replied, “Fine, why do you asked?” I remembered nothing about my fall, nor why I was in the cast.


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