The innocence of guilt

Prienderen Moodley By Prienderen Moodley, 20th Apr 2012 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Focuses on how one's conscience either prevents us from comitting immoral acts or eats us alive when we do commit any kind of wrong. It explores the idea that it is because we can feel a sense of guilt when we do wrong we are indeed innocent not of wrong doing but of evil.

The power of the conscience

Back then it used to keep me in check,
It often stopped the noose from greeting my neck.
My innocence was seldom in doubt,
When it was, my guilt pulled me out.
I once got caught in a get-rich scheme,
Luckily for me luck was on my team.

When my guilt threatened to eat me alive,
My weakness for power took a nose dive.
Each time the temptation grew stronger,
I had to struggle a little bit longer.
It was just a matter of time before I threw in the towel,
Desire was eating at my last bowel.

The moment arrived where I couldn't take the strain,
The witch of lust had enchanted my formidable brain.
When I took her that night I did so with half a heart,
It took me a good half hour just to get a start.
She was entirely willing,
The experience was quite chilling.
I knew that she was already bound,
Yet I behaved worse than a wild hound.

Since that night the guilt has been my boss,
It orders me even when I floss.
My innocence was shattered and then lost,
I couldn't measure what my actions had cost.

I have tried to put it in the past,
I somehow couldn't make the effect last.
Conscience lives inside me,
Only makes it harder to forget any kind of spree.
Innocence is slowly beginning to return,
The desire to live will now burn.
As long as my conscience remains,
Innocence resides inside and the heart counts its gains

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author avatar sarosh
21st Apr 2012 (#)

nice poem

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