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What is green and prickly all over? No, it's not an alien. It's a plant! Let me tell you about my own personal cactus.

The kaptus

Somewhere sometime at some event or something, Mother and I bought myself a cactus. A small, round, prickly plant.

Of course I didn't hear properly what the name is and called it a Kaptus. I planted it in Mother's rock garden and watered it every day or so.

It was just one of my garden projects; another one was to make a windmill out of a big coffee tin and cut the blades out of a big ice cream lid. I also painted the blades and loved seeing my windmill turn something crazy in the strong wind, there where I had planted it in front of the house on top of this mound hill that mother must have made in the garden; she made two little mountains on each sides of the walkway to the front door, that the lawn grew over so it was just like these hills in the lawn.

There stood my windmill proud, rotating blades in the wind, all colorful. Of course came the rain, all the colors washed off. But the windmill was still there, standing proud. I loved it.

Anyway, getting back to the captus. When Cyan finds out I have this "captus", he orders me to always wait until he comes back from school in the afternoon, so he can come over and we can both water the "captus" together.

So just about every day we carry a little bowl of water all the way from the bathroom of the house, outside into the rock garden, and pour some water over the captus. It's one of our very exciting activities now.

When I find out some time later that it's called a "cactus" and not a "captus", I start talking about a "cactus". But Cyan doesn't agree. He finds any word with the word "kak" in it too funny for words. He insists it's a kaptus. I tell him no, it's a cactus. He thinks I'm vulgar. Whatever, I'm not going to go through the age old tradition now of when we have a quarrel like this, we go ask one of the grownups to tell us what the real answer is.

Unfortunately later on the garden servant rearranges the plants in the rock garden, and my little cactus pegs. Or maybe the dogs dug it out. I don't know but for some reason, the servant threw it away. Me and plants never seem to have a long lasting relationship.


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