The killing off of democracy, by gambling, the stock exchange, and by business leaders

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This article is written somewhat as a wake-up call for people involved with the big businesses of today.

This writer is saying that we need to again follow the rather simple commandments once given to us by a very great man indeed, Jesus Christ.

This was to love one another, as he loved us. Simple, but perhaps so hard for selfish people to ever really ever do.

Who killed off the democracy star?

The stock exchange has been around since the 1600's, when it first started with the East India companies.

These companies had stocks that paid out dividends on the proceeds made from the sea voyages that these companies undertook to bring back goods from the East, primarily originally for the British, French and Dutch peoples.

Is the growth of the stock market, and the dependence of business's on the stock market actually responsible for the demise of democracy today in a way?

It could be compared to gambling, and to the rise of gambling, which has also all but wrecked the world's mental stability too, today, I feel.

These days the bosses or higher managers care only about results, and not about the workers. The workers in their turn do not care about the welfare of their company either, and some are actually actively trying to sabotage it in some way too.

Most people then, from the bosses to the workers, are just in it now for themselves. They do not care about each other, nor even about the shareholders of the company either.

Everyone in the company is only in it for their own advantage.

They are disconnecting themselves from the company, distancing themselves from it, and working from within their own little sphere of isolation like that they are an island unto themselves, in the ocean of the company, but they have nothing more to do with it other than this.

Everybody knows all about this though. Nobody trusts anyone else. Nobody believes in the worthwhileness of the company nor its independent goals and outlooks, values or its real reason for existing anymore.

Nobody it seems has the strength to break themselves away from this prison of mediocrity of thinking only ever just for themselves.

Nobody believes in the company. Nobody is leading it for the sole benefit of the company. There are no leaders anymore, only independent sole practitioners, who are in it for themselves only.

They are full of hot air, good at talking about themselves, and good at self-praise and self-presentation, or self-aggrandisement. They talk the talk, but they never walk the walk.

Nobody cares what the aims of the business founder were anymore. It's all about making profits so they can get a bigger reward for themselves. Corporate greed has moved business focus into moving into the wrong direction.

The trust of the workers in the bosses has been lost. As a result of this the effectiveness and their degree of applied diligence to their jobs has declined.

They are unsatisfied, unhappy, and they are just drawing pay-checks without caring about what they are doing anymore to earn it. Nobody listens to anybody else.

It's a dog eat dog world gone mad. Nobody cares what the business is about. They just want to strip it of its assets, and pocket all of the profits for themselves.

Is there any hope for us to be ever able to dig ourselves out of the pit?

"Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing from something."

This is a quote made by Wilson Mizner, (1876 to 1933) an American playwright, and businessman, or entrepreneur, whose best known play was, "The Deep Purple."

This is how the stock market works too.

People want to get something for nothing. This is also how business is operating nowadays as well. Business's want to make as much profit as they can, and nothing else matters to them but their business bottom line.

Everybody wants as much as they can get, or take, or use. Nobody wants to miss out on anything. Selfishness is the only motive behind all of their actions.

Business operates mostly from the mind, and not from the heart.

The stock exchange operates from the ego, and the only place where the heart still functions is when it flutters for a moment after a big win, or after a bigger loss.

We need to get back to love.

Back to real love, working for the good of others, putting the good of the world or of our connection in this greater play of the world as our own number one priority.

The individual can never advance solely on his own.

Collectively, we all must hold hands and link ourselves together and become a part of oneness collectively again in order for us to be able to move forwards with this oneness of God and where it is moving us all too to.

This is in contrast rather than our allowing each one of us to be broken off from the mainland, and to live isolated lives on our own islands of pitifulness, despised by those on other islands, and looking only ever for ways to get those other people off their islands so that we can take over the running of their island too.

We must get rid of the all for nothing and nothing for all mentality that seems to propel us all only ever towards our own self-destruction.

Never does this way of living ever lead us towards the advancement of our mother ship, the Earth, which carries us all through space together, and which we have largely all now forgotten about in our crazy pursuit of making money, and more money, and then even more money.

When will we wake up from our own self-imposed slumber?

"Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money."

This quote is apparently an old American Indian one which has been attributed to the Cree tribe.

Perhaps the emptiness that most of us feel is related to the lack of substance that comes from only making paper money. We must get back to the real.

Start growing your own vegetables again, for example. Go outside, and hug a large tree.

Get back into nature, become a part of it again, a vital, vibrant, living part, rather than just a representation of it being drawn up on paper, and which has been taken originally from nature itself anyway.

We are a living part of nature too, and not just something to be kept apart from it, thinking that we own it, and so can do whatever we like with it then!

Picture credits: All photos used here have been freely taken for use from the free media site, Wiki Commons media.


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author avatar Phyl Campbell
16th Oct 2014 (#)

You are right about this, but how is it accomplished? I know it is hard to work parallel to the system without feeling subjected to it. I feel awfully subjected to it these days!!

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author avatar spirited
16th Oct 2014 (#)

I also feel so subjected, Phyl and helpless at times too to think that I of myself can do anything of myself about it.

The more of us that start to feel this way though must eventually cause a big wave to develop that will hopefully wash all of the selfishness away.

Disaster, unfortunately is sometimes the only thing that can bring us back together.

Perhaps this is why the number of disasters in the world right now is seemingly on the increase.

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author avatar n.c.radomes
16th Oct 2014 (#)

I understand your goal is good and beneficial, but I'm lost as to how to help your cause. Or, can I say I'm helping towards your direction with my articles?

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author avatar spirited
16th Oct 2014 (#)

yes thanks n.c.radomes.

Your informative articles about some of the things happening in our world certainly help the cause.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
16th Oct 2014 (#)

Interesting post and awesome as well!

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author avatar spirited
16th Oct 2014 (#)

thanks Fern!

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author avatar Retired
17th Oct 2014 (#)

Business is what brought you food, clothing, energy, housing, and medications that keep you alive, spirited. It's big government that's killing democracy and instituting tyranny, not business. When was the last time your say had any weight with the government?

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author avatar spirited
17th Oct 2014 (#)

thanks LeRain.

The problem to me is that Government has turned into being a big business now!

They operate for themselves to win kudos from the people, and to make profits, without serving the people anymore.

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author avatar Retired
19th Oct 2014 (#)

Your argument about government turning into a big business is not apt.

Business, big or small, makes products people want to buy. A big business makes products that a lot of people want to buy, and do.

Government does not make products, nor any products people want to buy willingly. If anything, government RESTRICTS the making of products people need and want to buy. Government kills the industries that bring the cheapest forms of energy, housing, food, and medicines to people.

Government makes no profit. The big money that you call "profit" is not earned money but confiscated by government through taxation and collected needlessly through licences and fees for the government-granted "privilege" to do any thing (e.g., fishing, driving, hunting, opening a beauty parlor, practicing medicine, dentistry, law, or a trade).

And finally, the government is anything but a business, because businesses actually KNOW HOW TO DO SOMETHING, and do it efficiently, effectively, and at the lowest cost to consumers, for which customers willingly pay, whereas the government cannot do anything well, never mind efficiently, effectively, or cheaply, and often must FORCE people to "buy" its products (e.g., Obamacare) under penalty or fine from the law.

Government is not a big business, it's tyranny plain and simple.

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author avatar spirited
19th Oct 2014 (#)

Well, I am only talking about the Government I suppose where I live here in Australia.

It is certainly being run as a big business now.

Too much talk about balancing "budgets" by hurting the people.

They even increased their salaries to match those in big business. The prime minister here gets paid more now than the US president does !!!

They have even appointed big business tycoons/billionaires as ministers here now.

One guy has been allowed to set up his own party which he runs as he does his business.

Perhaps we down here in Australia are ahead of the rest of the world in doing this then...

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
20th Oct 2014 (#)

Permit me Spirited to add my few cents worth. In my experience, stock exchange is only for those with inside information and that rules our nine out of ten. Only one or two companies reward shareholders, others are fly by night.

I saw a cartoon - "the more we promote our business the less is our sales", then one suggested "in that case, why not we start promoting our competitors?" Business is always cut throat and I remember from four decades ago that most workers were paid wages that hardly met their basic needs. Now also, most are not paid enough for them to retire at all despite their trying to. We have billionaires and many more millionaires and increasing all the time. I know few who complain all the time - business is bad - yet they add to their investment portfolio more during bad times!

The rich are supported by institutions that egg them to speculate and when the chickens come home to roost they write off the losses - meaning, it is passed on to us. There was a dispute in Asia between a big bank and a tycoon over a billion dollar forex loss due to currency speculation. They settled with confidentiality clauses, meaning they just passed on the losses to ordinary citizens as government had to bail out those "too big to fail" institutions. Speculation benefits the rich as they are given leeway when they lose, and keep all when they win.

It is time to relook the system lock, stock and barrel to change whatever that benefits only the few as an inclusive society is the way forward and for that greed has to be curbed - siva

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author avatar spirited
20th Oct 2014 (#)

Thanks siva.

They gamble with our money, our lives, and we always pay for their losses.

I agree siva.

The system needs to be overhauled and the lead balls thrown out. We need to get back to a level playing field for all.

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author avatar AjaySinghChauhan
25th Oct 2014 (#)

very interesting, thanks for sharing it with us

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author avatar spirited
26th Oct 2014 (#)

thanks AjaySinghChauhan

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