The last of the demon dogs

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And so, over time, they all became extinct, to the very last one.

The last of the demon dogs

Well, recently Bella also disappeared. Bella was the last of the demon dogs. Actually Bella was a mixture between a demon dog and Wolverine.

They were all so beautiful. Sometimes very cruel to other animals, but still, extremely beautiful. I don't know how we'll ever get to have such beautiful creatures again.

Anyway, recently I asked Mr. Specter where Bella is. He said she might just be on the other side of Tower Mansion.

But I don't see her all day.

Next day, I ask him again. Now he doesn't seem to sure anymore either.

I don't know why but I have a horrible suspicion that somebody might be stealing them. These demon dogs are extremely beautiful and I'm sure many people would want them and pay good money for them.

But of course it's just suspicion. I have no idea what had happened to all our demon dogs and their descendants.

So yeah, that's it really. Bella was the last one. Now she's gone.

We have watched her get born from a really, really, really ugly mother. In fact, her mother, despite her natural uglyness, never stopped getting uglier because for one thing, a snake bit her in one of her eyes. Then, her eye had to be removed by the veterinarian.

Father liked this ugly, ugly dog though. I'm not sure what he was thinking but he admired these dogs like crazy.

Anyway, although the mother was ugly, the father was beyond extremely beautiful because he was Wolverine. Wolverine had beautiful crystal light blue eyes, and was a Siberian husky. So when he and this ugly creature mated, fortunately their offspring was two very beautiful creatures.

One was Bell, who looks something like a light brown fox, and the other was a Siberian husky but with a black and white color scheme. Too bad they're all gone now.

It's very, very sad.

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