The little joys of life.

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The little joys of life that we forget in due course of time.

Understanding Life

Life is short and beautiful. One must truly understand the beauty of life. We human beings are a very simple yet complex creatures that exist in this never ending and vast universe. We are so tiny in comparison to everything in this universe, that our existence becomes pointless. So, one must understand ourselves. Our simpleness.

Things are never complicated from the beginning. It is us, We tend to complicate things. Greed, Need is the other name of this complex life. We should also understand that necessity is a different aspect. A humans necessities are limited.

Life Divided Into Sections

We are born into this world as a carefree being. As a baby we have nothing to worry about. But as we grow up our life gets divided into sections. And we lose some joy at each stage. Sometimes we gain some joy out of this depleting growth. The life is a joy and the world is so simple. We enter childhood. Things are still simple. Even in this stage we are innocent beings. Who are still learning what the life is all about. Then we enter the most awkward stage of life. The life becomes a competition of survival. The complexities start and the simpleness ends.

Searching for colleges, Looking for jobs, Trying to build a career. And all this leads to the complexities. One has no time for the joy. People become serious and there is no time left to think.

Then maybe a little happiness enters the life. Falling in love, Getting married, Having kids. All this joy is again short lived. Once again a competition. The survival of the fittest. The survival of the family. Human has no time for joy or to think.

Finally, When the human understands the meaning of life its either too late. Or there is only too little time left to enjoy the little joys of life.

Joy is everywhere

Find joy in the little things you do. Wake up and feel happy to be alive. Eat and think about the taste. Admire the taste. Look at yourself into the mirror. Feel happy for yourself. You can move you can think. Take a deep breath and suck in the fresh air. Look at the stars. Look at your family. Admire the people you meet.

Finally admire life and your existence..


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Aug 2012 (#)

Plain common sense that we forget as we tend to lose ourselves when we worry over things we have no control over. Every day we are up and about is a blessed day - siva

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author avatar akram saqib
13th Aug 2012 (#)

joy and grief are two sides of the same coin;life

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