The lovers and the Red Rose.

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When a love relationship that has lasted decades comes to a painful end, more than the couple gets hurt. The end of their love will create a ripple effect that will affect everyone around them. Often times couples will see the fault in their ways too late and they end up losing far more than love.

Blooming Love.

One sunny spring day, a couple began to plant a garden in their new home. They had been recently married and wanted to bring some live to their little love nest. With the seasons the garden began to grow and within the next spring it was in full bloom like their love.

Within the beautiful plants and flowers there was a beautiful red rose. The couple took to this red rose like a child. They nurtured it each day, kept it properly watered and feed with nutrients. They talked to it and even protected the rose from the sun’s merciless rays on the very hot summer days. The seasons changed from summer to fall and winter, yet their little red rose continued to mesmerize them with her beauty and vibrant colors.

Growing Love.

Along with the red rose their love continued to grow and for decades they lived so happy. Children came in to their lives, grew up, spread their wings and flew away to start their own life. Even with the passing of time their lovely garden and their beautiful red rose continued to endure like their love. There were difficult times and challenging times. Life always had a trial for them, but together they overcame each one. But no one knows what the future will hold.

The Beginning of the End.

One dreadful day large ominous storm clouds gathered on the horizon. The little rose had endured and survived every storm, but nothing would prepare her and her care takers for the storms that would overturn their lives. Heavy rains came, along with gales and twisters, hail were never far behind, nor lightning and freezing snows. The storms were relentless and without much rest for the little rose, her endurance began to fail with every passing storm.

The once loving couple was not spared the fury of the storms, for they had their own storms to deal with. After half a life of marriage and love, after all the challenges they had overcome together, their strength too was starting to fail them under the assault of internal storms. Storms of the heart filled with malaise, with hatred, with suspicion, evil intentions, distrust and words sharp as daggers. Trust was fading quickly. Empty promises were exchanged, but each one was carried away by the raging storms as soon as they were said. The lies became exponential mountains impossible to climb. Along the way they lost sight of the love they once had, trust crumbled on their fingers like potter glass. There were no more truths to be had and only a cold hole laid where once a beating heart used to rest.

The end of Love.

The little flower to this was not oblivious and with each blow to their hearts her strength lagged some more. She began to wider and her colors began to fade. Her silky petals began to brown and curl at the tips and every time the couple grew further apart one more would fall to the ground. They were so focused on their own fights and heart aches that they had entirely forgotten about their treasured rose. By the time they came to wonder what had become of her, it was too late. The little rose was too far gone to be saved.

They tried time and again to bring her back to her former glory, to revive her and bring her back to her vibrant beauty. But all was done in vein. The storms had irrevocably harmed her and their lost love had delivered the killing blow, for their love was her life force and without it she would wither and die, much like she was doing right now. The little rose was too far gone. More and more of her petals flew in the wind, more of her essence left her each day. Not even the tears of sorrow the couple cried beside her as they cared for her each day, trying to mend what their actions had damaged, would be enough to bring her back. Thus the little rose came to finally pass. As her last petal fluttered in the wind, all life left in her banished along with the last strands of love in the hearts of the once before loving couple.

A Lesson Well Learned.

As they mourned their rose and the love they once had, they came to realize there was no more going back. There was no hope of bringing back what love they once had. The damage had been too extensive, too deep; their hearts did not have it into hem to love one another again, not without fears, not without suspicions, not with eternal mistrust leading their every thought. Love from their life was forever gone, just like their rose. Much to their dismay a lesson they very well learned. With their bickering, fighting and mutual destruction, they had brought the same pain and destruction to those they cared for most in their lives. Their actions had harmed their loved ones as much as it had harmed them.


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author avatar Sherri Granato
21st Jan 2015 (#)

Such a sad awakening. I have been married for almost thirty years. I have thought of the effects of what would happen if our marriage ended. It would be horrible. Hopefully we will always be capable of fixing it when it is broken instead of merely throwing it away.

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author avatar Sherri Granato
21st Jan 2015 (#)

Congrats on your star page.

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author avatar GenkiWorld
21st Jan 2015 (#)

i have not been married for that long, but i too share your same opinions. Thank you, it's my very first one, i am so happy!

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st Jan 2015 (#)

Out in the castle a rose bush stood,
Blooming in beauty attracting all good.
Showing forever in whispers of Love,
Bringing forth love in heavens Above.

Breaking the shackles of storms of pain,
Sending all back to see own life in memory lane.
With thorns and brambles surrounding all,
It stood in silence making tears fall.

With the sun just look at it everyday,
Whispering silently are you coming my way.
One day it transformed into girl of dream,
Sending all dark forces to the other extreme.

Waking the rose which was under spell,
Showing the pain that came from hell.
Slowly with love transforming it to Blue,
The Lady took the rose and in silence flew.

Uprooting the entire castle and pulling love,
Back to her castle in heavens Above.
Casting out spell that brought him alive,
Giving him reason and will to survive.

As they all now saw truth of love in Rose,
Who was none other than Adonis under nose.
Whispering and living with love so true,
With Sun in armour showing it the clue.

Where no other could be touch that pride,
That proved it in reality as it transformed inside.
Eternal Rose it became with that Love,
As they began transforming all in heavens Above.

Where no other could hurt or harm them again,
As the Rose was Planet Earth from memory lane.
Pulling back life and proving the heart,
Bringing in identity of the World Apart.

Stilling all into silence as they saw truth of One,
Who did just everything for the love of Sun.
Breaking down completely as they saw Life,
The Blue Rose asked Sun to be the Wife.

As all lined up together with truth of own,
They finally saw Planet Earth and Sun on throne.
With shades of Violet, Gold and Blue,
The Sun kissed Earth none ever knew.

With heated fingers touching ever part of toil,
Showing every plan of darkness recoil.
As they together built beauty all around,
Together they stood as One in hallowed Ground.

With No other able to enter their Love,
They strew their petals in heavens Above.
Bringing in the tint of love on every cloud,
Waking every heartbeat in the shroud.

Breaking the stage with fiery Love,
As they brought the Sun back Above.
With splash of colours that awoke dreams,
Meandering rivers, lakes and silver streams.

Waves of Happiness with salt of Life,
Bringing about the rocks that prove Wife.
With pearls of happiness that cling on rock,
Leaving all of Dreams in State of Shock.

With no other able to imitate or replicate Love,
As Sun and Earth now Dance Above.
Bringing in the magic of Seasons in Sun,
That proves everything since life first begun.

Leaving all tongue tied with nothing to say,
As they see Darkness in Shades of grey.
For I found the key and turned the lock,
On Angel wings flew leaving all to Mock.

As we created love beyond Elements within,
Breaking every shackle of Wage of SIN.
Who stole the castle in hope for Life,
Only to find out she was never the Wife.

Getting flung out never to return again,
Leaving all now standing in pouring rain.
As we together closed the element of strife,
Whispering together we are together Life.

Breaking all into memories of that Rose,
That sprinkled petals bringing forth Sun,
Showing the love that is second to none.

With all now bowing to the pathway of Life,
As she proves she is none other than Wife.
Breaking all into tears as they they see the truth,
Moon is none other than the Forbidden Fruit.

Who tried to tempt with baseless fight,
Waxed and waned in hope to set it all right.
Only to find out they lost truth of the Sun,
Who held Planet Earth ever since life begun.

Bringing back Adonis with the game of Love,
As they all look at the ribbon in heavens Above.
With Colours of Joy that sing of hope,
While Darkness cried painfully I cannot cope.

Sending all now back searching for Sun,
Who sent them in circles as she watched fun.
Becoming the fire that burned in every heart,
As they all began approaching World Apart.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st Jan 2015 (#)

Asking for that very rose that pulled Life,
Showing the truth of the colours to the Wife.
Where no other could ever riot truth of Sun,
Who stood in the middle as second to none.

Leaving all crying as they see the floor,
Rose of Happiness showing endure.
All for the Love of that One True Sun,
Who transformed into Lady Second to None.

Coming for Rose completely rioting fire,
Showing the truth behind that One desire.
As they transformed him to Adonis of Love,
Holding her completely in heavens Above.

Never to return again to the world of pain,
Bringing back the truth of life once again.
Where all are Speechless for that Sun,
Who pulled Rose of Adonis as Second to None.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 22nd January 2015

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author avatar GenkiWorld
21st Jan 2015 (#)

thank you, this is so lovely and so fitting!

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author avatar Retired
21st Jan 2015 (#)

Well done on the star page. =)

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author avatar GenkiWorld
21st Jan 2015 (#)

Thank you!

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author avatar Carol
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

Well done, it's a heartfelt and poignant piece.

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author avatar GenkiWorld
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

thank you, i wasn't sure it would be so well receaved :)

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author avatar PJ Dorantes
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

Congrats on the star page. Well deserved

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author avatar GenkiWorld
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

thnk you so much!

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author avatar Youlen
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

Well done, you did a great job!

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author avatar GenkiWorld
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

thank you very much!

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author avatar viewgreen
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

Beautiful article, as the saying goes: "Experience is the most valuable things". Thank you for your thoughts on love split herein. have a nice day madam!

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author avatar GenkiWorld
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

thank you! yes, that saying is so true in most of life situations, experience is an absolute most in life.

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author avatar Carol Roach
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

such a beautiful piece you are an amazing writer keep up the good work

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author avatar GenkiWorld
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

thank you very much, i am just writing from the heart :) glad you enjoyed it!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

So well elucidated, GenkiWorld, the effects of mindless actions leading to lack of understanding. Every relationship has to be nurtured to enjoy the fruits based on give and take. It is always worth to salvage a relationship than go at each other's throats - siva

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author avatar GenkiWorld
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

yes, it can't be all take and nothing given in trturn :) thank you!

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author avatar Utah Jay
23rd Jan 2015 (#)

There you go, and well deserved...Now its up to you, the heavens are yours.

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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
25th Jan 2015 (#)

Nice. Well written pages. Thanks for the share.

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