The mischievous adventures of Dolly Ducktail Chapter Three "Dolly bakes a cake"

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Chapter three, of my bedtime story "Dolly Ducktail", its daddy's birthday today and Dolly helps Mummy to bake a cake with disastrous results.

Dolly helps out in the kitchen

Today is Dan Ducktails birthday and Daisy had decided to bake Dan a birthday cake, “would you like to help me Dolly?”
“Oh yes please mummy” said Dolly and she jumped up and down in excitement, “quake quake quake quake quack”

She had never baked a cake before; “well first we have to get all the ingredients ready”, said Mummy “now then we will need some margarine and sugar, and flour oh and some mixed fruit, two eggs and a little salt”,
“Gosh mummy”
said dolly “so much”,
“Well if we want it to be a nice tasty cake dolly, we will need all those things”.
Dolly scuppered around the kitchen fetching all the things Mummy had asked her for,

“I can’t find any flour Mummy” quacked Dolly,
“Oh dear” said Daisy “yes I remember I meant to buy some today and I forgot”,
“I will go and buy some”
, quacked Dolly,
“Ok but remember I want flour dolly that’s the white powder”,
“I won’t forget mummy” she said and off she waddled to the shops.

Dolly and David go for some flour

On the way she met her friend David and she told him all about her, helping make a cake for her daddy, David said that he had some cake in his bag and if she liked she could share it with him, so the two of them sat on the grass munching away “Mmm this is lovely cake” quacked Dolly “I hope ours is as nice”, they spent so much time talking and eating cake that Dolly forgot all about the time, when all of a sudden she remembered “Oh David I had better hurry to the shop and get some flour for our cake”, they both raced to the shop but it was too late it had closed, “oh my goodness me what shall I do”? cried dolly “Mummy will be so angry as she wanted to make the cake for daddy’s tea tonight”.

“I will come home with you Dolly and tell your Mummy it was all my fault”, the two of them started their homeward journey “what is flour anyway” asked David,
“I am not sure” said dolly “but I do know it’s a sort of white powder”, as they continued they passed a builders yard and there in the yard was a bucket which the builder and put some cement in ready to mix up, “look” said David “that looks like flour, and there is so much of it I am sure the man won’t miss a little”, they put some of the cement in a bag and ran off home, “now I have no need to say anything to your mummy” said David “quake quake quake quake quack” they both laughed.

Daddies birthday surprise

That evening dolly washed early ready for her Daddy’s birthday tea, the door opened and there stood Dan. “HAPPY Birthday” cried Dolly “quake quake quake quake quack Mummy and I have made a lovely cake for you”,

“Have you darling” said Daddy “I will look forward to having a slice of that”, he opened his presents and after tea the cake come out, mummy had decorated it with icing sugar and lots of candles, dolly told him of her trip to the shop and what had happened, Dan looked at Daisy and smiled, “you cut it Daddy” cried Dolly she was so excited as Dan put the knife to the cake suddenly a loud CRACK and the knife broke in two, wow “this is a hard cake” said Daddy, And the three of them quacked and laughed out loud “quake quake quake quake quack this is the best birthday present I have ever had” said daddy, and laughed some more.

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Coming soon Dollys day at the seaside


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Loved it Johnny...Next chapter on Star Page...

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