The missing money

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One day Marzeus had a horrible experience: Through his internet banking service, he noticed that from one of his accounts, one thousand six hundred rands have been deducted a month ago with no other description as "Interest Debit". Why on earth would the bank have put such a transaction on his account? It doesn't make sense - he's supposed to be EARNING interest on this account; NOT paying it to the bank!

The missing money

Calling ABSA bank is a waste of time - not only is he sent from one person to the other, nobody knowing what this transaction is or who authorized it, but he also has to wait very, very long times for each person to take his call. Eventually, one rather rude lady tells him to go to an ABSA branch.

Waiting really, really long in the queue, he finally gets to speak to a consultant. He gives the consultant all the details of the transaction in question; nevertheless the consultant prints out a statement. And to Marzeus's horror, this statement cost ANOTHER R5!

The consultant promises to see what he can do to reverse the charge, and open a support ticket for both that and the "interest debit" charge, since he asks Marzeus what this charge is when Marzeus came to the bank to hear from THEM what this is for!

The consultant promises to call Marzeus back some time later, maybe the next day or two, when he has answers for him.

He goes to another branch. There the line is REALLY REALLY long. Almost an hour and half pass. Finally he gets helped by a consultant behind the counter. He tells her about the transaction, and shows it to her on the computer and requests that she doesn't print it out because he can show her on her screen. She prints it out anyway, and lo and behold, another R5 is charged on his account for yet another statement he didn't ask for.

Immediately he tells her he wants it reversed now. It takes a bit of coaxing, but eventually the consultant makes a phone call to whomever, saying "I printed a statement out for a client, but now he doesn't want to pay for it".

HE DOESN'T WANT TO PAY FOR IT? Nothing about him never ever asking for the statement. Things are really getting ridiculous at this bank. He's eight phone calls, four hours and ten rand into it and still the original issue is not even close to being resolved.

He's really losing faith in ABSA bank. He always knew they are an extremely expensive bank, charging for things other banks don't, but he never got as far as moving all of his accounts and investments away from them. Is it such time now? But first he needs to get this questionable transaction's money back...

Marzeus is not happy about this at all. What is wrong with this bank? Why do they put a transaction through on it if they haven't the faintest idea what it's for? Marzeus is losing his patience.

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