The murder of my mother by the Chinese Communists

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There are many murders, poisoning, conspiracy around me.

The murder of my mother by the Chinese Communists in Fujian

April 24,2018
Yesterday I found an old man and his daughter as tall as his had lived in the opposite room as spies, which my enemies used to express what they mean on my road using their spies’ performance that my real father is not Gong Hao, who was president of the Fuzhou Intermediate Court in 1985, is my mother’s ex-husband, who is short man and I have never seen him. If my real father is my mother’s ex-husband, why did they banned me to marry and Why have they persecuted me for so long? They murdered my mother then said casually someone is my real father. My mother said She had not had sex with her ex-husband. So my real father can only be Gong Hao.
Sometime around 2005 before my mother was murdered, she had told me for several times on the phones that “My life is full of energy” which suggested that if she died right away, she would be murdered. On 20 May 2005 before I arrived, my mother had been murdered by the doctors who carried out the command of the leaders. They could accurately calculate the time because my mother's husband’s niece, who is a doctor of another hospital, kept calling me to confirm where I was while I was on the journey from Beijing to Fuzhou except for the time I was on the plane.
After my describing that I might have been poisoned many times, my mother also thought that in her thirties she had been poisoned many times by her husband who is a spy of Gong Hao’s wife. Because in my mother’s thirties, she was dying in the middle of the night several times. Then the doctor continued to say that my mother had heart disease, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes. My mother was in good health in her old age because the enemies forced my mother to invest in orange orchards through my mother's husband's fourth brother and then through my mom's husband, so the enemy stopped poisoning my mom in order to force my mother to labour.
So my mother believed she had no any disease. One day in 1996, my mother came back from the outside and told me that she had been examined somewhere and the conclusion was that she had no illness at all. So about 2005 my mother always suspected that her husband was poisoning her. And my mother said when she couldn't get off the ground, her husband moved out and ignored her. What they didn't think of was that my mom was able to get down and go after she painted Yunnan Baiyao ( farinaceous ) I sent back from Beijing. Then my mother said that her husband moved back to live with her and tried to poison her again. So my mom couldn't get into the hospital without my mom's husband poisoning my mother more on instructions from his superiors when they were going to send my mom to the west(death).
You should understand that Communist Party officials do not understand Chinese, but maybe they understand when written in English.


Murder, Poison, Spy

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