The music went silent.. the kingdom turned cold......

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this is a poem I wrote many years ago... I was a DJ in a popular night club and one night this theme came to me... after 51 verses I had to narrow it down.... I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it...

The Knights Of Rock'n'Roll

Knights of Rock'n'Roll

How legends begin are words passed down
like Kings and Queens their jewels and their crowns

Once in a lifetime one might play out a dream
for a rock'n'roll D.J. it's a rock'n'roll Queen

Those hot summer nights like a fantasy ride
with tales of a D.J. and the music that died

Her D.J., the jester, in playing the role
learned how to rock the Queens royal soul

Her Bishops, Her Knights, Her Kingdom they say
no-one's ever rocked Her like that rockin' D.J.

End it will never, for death is a dream
as long as there's rock there's a rock'n'roll Queen

Time is a jewel you must hold onto tight
for yesterday's the thief that comes in the night

One night without warning he knew she was gone
his Queen was no longer in need of his songs

The music went silent the Kingdom turned cold
his rock was just music with no heart and no soul

That D.J., I know, now rocks in shame
he plays only memories like a torch with no flame

Never before had this happened, I was there, so believe
when she rocked with that D.J. she was rocking with me

I had become a Knight with an armor of stone
but amongst all of Her Kingdom I still stood alone

My heart still rocks the songs of summer last
you see a D.J.'s whole life he lives in the past

My thoughts of Her realm now a summer away
keeps me rockin' the Inn and praying someday... Queen will return with my heart and my soul
so I can follow Her back to the Knights of Rock'n'Roll.

@ jhutchinson

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