The myth of rushing and stress

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A woman who was rushing like mad along an underground train corridor to catch the train that she had listened in the distance, let me thinking about the stupidity of rushing at all times for nothing.

The myth of rushing and stress

When I see these people rushing along the underground train corridors, I always think how silly they are. They start running the minute they start walking in a corridor and they listen to the sound of a train. It won't most probably be the one they need, but they'll rush up along the corridor. When they arrive in the platform, the track is empty and the train that they had presumed was theirs isn't the one that they had to take. They still have to wait few minutes for their train to enter into the station.
This is something that I've always found silly. People rushing and stumbling upon everything or everyone that they find on their way.
"Hey, watch your step!" one will hear from a distance, meaning that an inocent passenger has been knocked down by the one who was rushing to catch up with that train.
A mother will ask their children to rush, because it's late for school. They children get into a tantrum and they're likely to forget something. If they had gotten up at the right time, they'd most probaby have enough time to get dressed, have breakfast calmly, pick up everything and go.
Some people will have to catch a flight or a bus, but instead of getting ready to reach to the airport or the bus station, they'll be hanging around, claiming that there's plenty of time and they'll leave with short time.
The fact that many people are rushing at all times for no reason at all is because they have been brainwashed by a system that tell us that we're living busy times and that we have to rush at all times whether it's necessary or not. For others, it's a lack of organization.
I've read an article on the newspaper, giving ideas of packed lunches for the busy. Busy ones? I doubt it. If we have to take a packed lunch to work, it may be because we most probably have half an hour or, perhaps, an hour to have our lunch and we live distantly to go home. Or we can't afford to have a proper lunch in a restaurant nearby home. It doesn't mean we're busy, but it means that we have specific time to have our lunch as near from work as possible. On finishing eating, we may be able to devote some minutes to read a newspaper or some pages of a book until it's time to go back to work. But it doesn't mean we're busy. We simply can't get home for lunch because it's way too distant from work.
I'm one that had to journey all over a city, taking a variety of underground trains or buses to reach to my work. Yet, I never rushed a bit and I always reached on time. Why was I to stumble upon other people or to have an accident while going down stairs or scalators if I knew that if I missed a train I was going to have another shortly? Having an accident during my rush would have certainly delay me a lot.
If I have to fly, I'll leave with plenty time to reach to airport calmly. I'll have time to sit and to read a newspaper or to have a coffee until it's time to to board in the airplane.
Rushing is so stupid, but it probably means that we've been hanging and banging without doing nothing worthwhile. Or worse still, we've been brainwashed by a system that want us to rush at al times for no reason at all.
Urban living isn't busier than country one. That's a silly myth. Wherever one lives, one will have things to do on a given time. Does anyone think one's busier than a farmer, because one has to go to the office or to take the children to school? If one has to get on time to the office, a farmer will have to get up on time to milk his cows, to work on his land and to tackle with a variety of tasks that can't wait. In fact, living in a city could be dead easy, because we have public transport to take us wherever we have to go. We're surrounded by modern appliances to make our tasks easier.
Having to rush at all times when one lives in a city is a myth and so is the so called stress.

(C) Vicky Pino. April 18th, 2018.


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