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The London Evening Standard has been running a campaign to improve literacy across the capital. Whilst very laudable, I can't help but think they are concentrating on the wrong subject.

two plus two equals minus five.

Here in good ol' Blighty, down south in the capital city that is London, there is a city wide newspaper, London Evening Standard, which use to cost thirty pence, then twenty pence, then, with news available on every internet enabled phone, became free.
There are only three free newspapers in London now; The Metro, The Daily A.M and London Evening Standard. The Standard is probably the best of the three, though I suspect the Metro is more read, as it is available in the morning rush to work.
Over the past year or so, the newspaper has been running a campaign to improve literacy across the capital and in schools. Backed by many prominent figures in media and the London mayor, it is an admirable endeavour to tackle a problem that can easily go unnoticed. Even if you encourage a child only to read comic books, it will increase their vocabulary and help their confidence in a classroom environment.
There is a real stigma attached to being unable to read. It is almost as embarrassing to watch someone struggling to read as it is, I suspect, to struggle to understand words on a page for some. The advent of text speak has not help. I cannot recall how many times I've received texts from someone and been shocked how badly not only the sentence structure is, but their obvious inability to spell anything correctly. What makes it worse is, every phone has a built in spell check now!
As much as being not proficient at reading might be detrimental to life and confidence, I feel that schools and the nation, the future, would benefit more from today's pupils understanding numbers; fiscal and credit related.
Not being able to appreciate the great novels of our times, or past works, might be a bit of a shame, but the sheer ignorance of money matters; how credit works, what a mortgage payment is, how banks make money, all these things that affect society as a whole and every individual, are things which people are suppose to just know!? How?
Schools need to be teaching their pupils about money; how it works, why we have it, how to control it.
Money and finance will have a major impact on the lives of the people that the literacy campaign is aimed at. Does it not make more sense to focus on that?


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author avatar Denise O
26th Nov 2011 (#)

I find money matters are a very important tool we all need in our tool box of life. I also feel being able to read is also one tool we should just not throw out the tool shed. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Sheila Newton
26th Nov 2011 (#)

Beautifully written - and by a fellow Englishman, too. I'm going to follow your excellnt writing, my friend. hope you might take a peek at my work too (????!!)

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author avatar writtenbyQ4u
26th Nov 2011 (#)

Thank you very much. I wish I had seen your NaNoWriMo article sooner though! Hope it went well.

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