The old man is seriously ill

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The old man is about to die after having spent part of his life in a prison cell.

The old man is seriously ill

Many of us remember when he was in jail and we strove to get him out of his barred cage. He spent 27 years in jail, which is a long time to be reprieved from one's freedom.
I know people who spent a lot less time in a jail and they told me what it's like.
One doesn't know what's happening outside except when one gets visitors that wil tell them few news.
Jail officers, who are in a way prisoners too, will take advantage of their post to abuse inmates whenever they feel like to.
A day has 24 hours, but when one's reprived from freedom, days seem to be longer than these 24 hours.
Many prisoners write on walls what day it is since the very beginning so as not to forget what day it is, because their daily routine will turn every day into the same as the one before- count of prisoners, meals, cells, patio and back again to the same old thing.
Some people will be jailed because they've committed a crime, but being in jail won't turn these folks into better people. When they're released, they're likely to commit the same crime again out of revenge or lack of opportunities to start a new life.
Do they have to treat a prisoner badly because he's committed crime?
Nelson Mandela spent 27 years of his life for not having committed any crime whatsoever as many other political prisoners are in the world.
Fortunately, on a given day, he was freed.
Many people may not agree with Nelson Mandela's creeds. Yet, he committed no crime to spend 27 years of his life in a prison cell.
The old man is now seriously ill and anything may happen in the next few hours.
God takes him with him, because he was not a criminal. He only wished to see his country freed from discrimination and squalor.
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author avatar LOVERME
27th Jun 2013 (#)

beautifully scripted
The Lord takes care
of loving souls...
so do medicos

I shall revert some day
when poetry of praise
.... compose I may
till then abide with me
and pray for HIM

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
27th Jun 2013 (#)

Sheer inspiration,
Pain in heart.
With intolerance,
Right from the start.
All for the colour,
They stole his pride.
Leaving him in a cell,
To rot inside.
Only to find out,
The world fought back.
Bringing back the life,
Getting back on track.
For he was of colour,
But held self pride.
Showing the naked truth,
What happened inside.
Where no other could do it,
But his life and his own.
He was the King of People,
Who ascended him on throne.
From uprising all around him.
They descended into hell.
Until they opened that door,
And chased him out of cell.
Go on to your freedom,
It is where you belong.
Can't see why you were in it,
For so very long.
He came out with a smile,
They cried in disbelief.
For the whole Nation now,
Turned him into new leaf.
They elected him as President,
Who stepped down with great pride.
Showing he was revered and loved,
By just everyone deep inside.
Bringing back all of life,
He sorted out his Own.
Now he is looking Above,
At the Creators' throne.
He is wondering whether to step in,
To create reforms out there.
Showing that he was alive in heart,
And living just everywhere.
We are the world he belongs to,
We are coloured and they call it race.
But we are all United together,
Now go hold your head down in disgrace.
I am who I am and will be,
I did everything for that love.
Now I deem it my honour and pride,
To Unite All from Up Above.
For a world devoid of colour,
We are a Race just as One.
For we are who we are in life,
Planet Earth's Children under Sun.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 28th June 2013

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
27th Jun 2013 (#)

Sorry LoverME, beat you to it....

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