The only moment is the present moment of now

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This is an old tale about how a rough unschooled opponent of a great swordsman meets his match, not in swordsmanship skills, but in the sharpness of his words. They penetrated right through his thick skull, killing the poison that was there.

He was enlightened, and his heart was opened to love.

The Shaolin swordsman is captured alive

Long ago a great Chinese swordsman was captured by the opposing army.

It was late at night when he was captured, and they threw him down a deep pit that they had dug in the ground for prisoners such as him to be temporarily held in.

The walls of the pit were far too high for him to attempt to climb out from, and anyway, a huge boulder had been rolled on top of it. There was only a small hole left for him to see any light through, as he peered now at some of the bright stars shining ever so brightly now overhead.

He did not immediately see the meaning of their shining for him in the now of now. He was thinking only about his coming death at the hands of these brigands.

And so he was frantically worried, and he could not sleep.

In the morning, he knew that he would be pulled unceremoniously out from this hole, and interrogated most mercilessly. He knew that his fate after that would be sealed. He would have his head cut off by the chieftain of the opposing side.

Zendokra sat down at the bottom of the pit, at his wits end.

"How could he ever get himself out of this one," he thought to himself over, and over, and over.

Just then a bird flew overhead. It landed on the rock above him. Something warm and wet landed on the top of his head. It woke him up, and it brought him immediately out of his spiralling, circularised self thinking session.

It brought him back to the now of now.

For some reason then, he thought of his old teacher from his days learning how to use his sword in the Shoalin monastery.

Zendroka remembered the time when he had returned from a practice session outside of the monastery, and when the gate to the monastery had already been closed for the night, by the time that he had finished practicing, and when he had finally returned to the temple.

He had sat on the steps then waiting patiently for the morning to come, and when he would be let back in. The head monk every morning, early in the morning, would throw open the two large open doors, and he would take a step out from them, as he would say to no-one in particular.

"Come into our World, world out there, and do not let us ever forget our roots."

This morning had been no different, except for the fact that when the master had come out, he had nearly tripped over the sleeping monk, fast asleep on the very first step.

Zendroka had fallen asleep, while waiting.

The master had seen him there of course, but he wanted a way to wake him up.

The budding warrior had opened his eyes, and the master had given him a lesson that he probably would never forget, for the rest of his life.

The master had said simply,

"There is a time for sleeping and a time for staying awake. Discern carefully between these two times, and you will find that there is no time between them. The moment of each is what you make it to be. There is no sleep, it is the illusion. Be awake in the moment. It is the only realness. Tomorrow, and yesterday have gone. They do not exist anymore.

Be here now, do not become lost to them, by losing your hold on the moment of now. Just do not hold onto it too strongly either, or you will squeeze even that all away too.

It's all up to you. Each moment is your moment, it belongs to nobody else but you, and even you do not own it. If you try to own the moment, it will not own you."

Zendroka seized the moment of now, and so now, he now slept his last night like a baby.

The execution time arrives

The next morning sure enough he was dragged roughly by his neck out of the pit. He had had a rope tied around his neck the night before, and this had been obviously done for this very reason. They had to get him out somehow.

They tortured him now until an inch of his coming death, but he never said a word.

All the time he was smiling blissfully inside, and this peaceful calmness of his demeanour was eventually noticed by the head of the opposing army.

He said to Zendroka,

"You appear peaceful, but I will kill you now anyway. Before you die, have you any last wise words for me. I have often wondered what you monks have got that we haven't got. What is heaven, what is Hell? I believe in neither, but I have the power to send you there too."

Zendroka looked slowly up at the angry, sweaty, dirty face of his executioner.

He only said one word.


This confused the other man.

He angrily replied, "It's not my choice."

"Yes," Zendroka added, "That's why you are who you are, and I am who I am."

The great chieftain smiled, he had seen the funny side of this. A choice is nobody's choice to choose, because the moment has no choices within it.

There is no choice possible in the moment of now because choice only exists in the past, or in the future. When you know what is now, now takes care of you, and you never do have to choose between anything. All is love, and all is now being loved.

The chieftain was enlightened by this experience. How could he kill Zendroka now?

He let his new master live.


Moment, Now, Present Moment, Present Time

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