The perfect picture

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This poem of how we are after perfection and feel like we can not obtain it. and how the devil lies at us.

The perfect picture

The perfect picture

The perfect picture wow you thing of beauty, how you laugh at all of us
For our intensity of chasing your perfection
And you know oh you know we will never achieve.
Your fountain of youth that sprouts from your head
Your wonders 2 oceans that never seem to crash on the beach
Your perfect smile that looks like you hold 32 purls in your oyster
Your strong cliff shaped like the deck of titanic where beauty is contained
Your mysterious well that never seems to crumble or crack
Your flawless mountains firm and strong
Your amazing 8 gems placed on the desert plain glowing for all to touch
Your gracious upside down triangle that leads us to….
Your only secrete and we all know it’s big and perfect on its own a story to tell.
Your pillars of beauty holding you up as if it was two ladders leading us to heaven

I’m glad we met so I can stand in your face and tell you what I think of you.
I hate you for making the children of God feel less than perfect.
I feel noshes when you lift your arms to embrace me and I smell pride out of the pits of hell
I despise how you manipulate and crack mirrors reflecting us to be broken and distorted.
I can’t handle that in that smug smile of you is only lies
I can’t stand for what you have done to the people I love making them feel unworthy
But most of all I pity you
I pity you because you felt that Gods glory was a competition
I pity you that you don’t understand His will for creating us
I pity you that we will find His Love and you keep rejecting it
I pity you.


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author avatar Richard McDonald
Hi I am Richard McDonald I am a poet writing to ignite embers awaken dormant passions.
Trying to write Gods heart beat to listen for His whispers and translate it on paper. Peace and Love.

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