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Yeah baby! I’m a componist now! The piano and I are like this! (close to each other).

The pianist composer type person thing I am

Aaaahhhhhhhhhh.... look at the beautiful sight! I walk into our lounge. What a beautiful lounge.

I don’t know what the original designer of the house had in mind, but this lounge really has class. It looks almost gothic, and the way Mother and Father have furnished it makes it look like something from a castle or a palace from a fairy tale.

The ceiling is really high, and on the sides there are arches that lead into adjacent rooms and landing. And Mother’s pipe organ stands proud and tall, the focus of the room, with decorative pipes going up to the ceiling.

I must say, this is one of the most beautiful rooms I have ever seen.

And, our shiny black grand piano is standing as a second focus point if you happen to be looking from the seating area.

So one day I decide to sit down at the piano, and compose a song. It simply pours out of me. Not just the music, but also the lyrics:

“Thank you Froggie, Thank you Froggie, Thank you Froggie, Froggie will not.”

(Second verse:)

“Froggie wants to go play in the wetland and sing and dance, with his mates.”

Then, there’s a bridge.

And then, once again the first verse.

Oh baby, I don’t know why but it sounds so good when I play it in this huge room. It’s like there’s this slight echo or reverb or something in this room that just magics up the song.

Well, not bad for my first song I composed myself, if I do say so myself. Of course it’s not as wonderful as Mother’s piano playing, but it’ll do.

Mother of course can play the most beautiful music on this piano. Many times she actually hosts piano concerts here, complete with printed programs and everything. People come in crowds to listen to her performances. She’s so talented.


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