The position of women in Islam

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woman presented not to govern men, but also not to be enslaved by men. The following is a review of the position of women in Islam.

The position of women in Islam

Allah confirms that the woman was taken from the rib of men, not of the head or legs, so this is also an affirmation that women presented for a man not to rule over him, or to be trampled, but to be a companion equal with men.

Allah expressly determines how women position for continued work of creation, as a companion should always be on the side of the man became equal partners with him, to live a life of continuing work of creation in this world.

By presenting a woman at his side, God also commissioned him that he gave the woman from the side of the man himself to maintain, protect and love her because she was created from essential part of himself, without the woman who is one of his ribs, his life will lose balance.

What a beautiful harmony of human creation story, the Creator has designed everything into a beautiful rhythm of life... between men and women, boys and girls.

Now how do we as women of our main roles as well as the children of women, as a wife, as a mother, as a grandmother, as a career woman, especially the role of women as whole human beings in carrying out the mission of God.

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17th Feb 2014 (#)

The position of women in Islam is same with man.
your article so important to be read.

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