The power of the Mind

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The mind is the only thing we cannot control. Just like nature, it is cruel and kind at the same time and yet it is part of us, a part we cannot do without it.

The elusive and invisible mind

‘The mind’ that elusive part of us: this invisible thing that no matter what we do or say, we cannot control. This part of us, which without even realizing it has the power to moves us backwards and forwards as it wishes and make everything feel as if it is real and alive. How many times have we been transported through time in a flash of a second, to a place of happiness and love, to then be jolted back to an empty present leaving us feel sad, yearning and desolate?

The mind takes control

‘As the taxi stops a strange feeling overcomes me. I look around at the tall grey buildings lined along the street. It is a normal street like so many others in so many cities. Yet it is different for it is the street where I lived. My eyes turn to number 33 and suddenly the present has disappeared; my mind has taken me back into the past.
Here I am, once again in front of the house I lived in many years ago; or is it today?. I look up at the building focusing on the windows on the third floor. I see my mother looking out and waving at me. On her lips is the tender smile I love so much. I can hear her calling out ‘Come quickly, I have just taken the biscuits out of the oven’. How well she knows me and my love of hot homemade biscuits. Why does she spoil me? I look at her and think how beautiful she is and my heart fills with joy. I can’t wait to run upstairs and through the open door, into her arms.

The joy it can bring

I jump out of the taxi anxious to run upstairs to the warmth of the house, the embrace of the woman who always makes me feel loved and special. I can even smell the delicate perfume she always wears: so much like her smile and the softness or her touch. She holds me tightly and whispers 'I missed you so much'

The sadness it can leave you with

But as I place my feet onto the pavement ‘the mind’ takes control once again and cruelly brings me back to the present. There is no one at the window, it is closed tightly, mother is no longer there, and the house is empty. With a heavy heart I pay the driver………………………
Our mind is the only thing that we cannot control, and it has the ability to seem eternal, or move with the speed of light. Depending on its mood, it is kind and it is cruel and we are forever under its spell’.


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I am a secondary teacher of Italian and English and enjoy being in the classroom. As writing is one of my favourite hobbies, I like to write on different genres in a creative style.

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author avatar Vickie Collins
6th Jan 2015 (#)

The mind stores memories and runs them back to us like a film. Very good treatment.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
6th Jan 2015 (#)

I came with sadness in body of a child,
Feeling pained hurt and reviled.
Showing the truth in hand of that One,
Who knew me best as Mother of Sun.

Holding me tenderly pulling me to calm,
Sending all of Creation to protect from harm.
For it was a special assignment from Above,
I am who I am the Anthem of Love.

Who came down to take the husband back home,
Silently into love's eternal dome.
For all the pain that was caused through years,
It brought the heavens greatest fears.

Showing the Key that that he held to record,
Bringing in the anthem from every chord.
Showing the love that stood out to pray,
Becoming the genius in Shades of Grey.

Pulling Heaven and Earth together as One,
For I am who I am the REAL Gold Sun.
Who picked up my sword and began to fight,
Winning back everything and setting things right.

Sending Darkness back into other extreme,
Making them once again with tears stream.
As I vanquish the demon who came to steal sword,
By trying hard to underestimate every word.

For I am who I am the Lady Dressed in Blue,
Who came back in the Gold Armour so true.
Sending Darkness of SIN back into hell,
Wrapped and rotting within a corpse shell.

Showing the Universe truth of Tinker Bell in Blue,
Bringing back the dream that none ever knew.
Sending the Angels to pull all the vibes of Love,
As they saw the deception from heavens Above.

Breaking them completely into silences again,
As the Queen of Angels came back home to reign.
Pulling Tinker Bell in Blue back on the top,
Showing truth of Peter Pan making jaws drop.

For I am the anthem who just hid all my past,
Making flags in the Universe fly half mast.
Only to find out my Lady was always there,
Pulling me back home from everywhere.

Showing the truth of that mysterious Love,
That flows with the Sun from Heavens Above.
Bringing Planet Earth back into the dream,
With nothing in life is ever too extreme.

Making all creation finally feel the truth of Love,
As the Queen of Angels sheds tears Above.
Showing truth of SIN who was sent to hell,
In hope to recreate darkness in every spell.

Only to find out she lost her mind to lust,
Bringing just everything into the thrust.
Breaking her body into flames in hell,
Rotting finally within the corpse's shell.

As the Tinker Bell in Blue pulled Voice of Love,
Showing the anthem wake the One Above.
Who came soaring back on the floor,
Bringing all of Creation right through door.

Breaking the shackles of Darkness of the fake,
Sending them underneath with shovel and rake.
Never to return to the surface of Life,
All because she hurt and maligned Creators' Wife.

Sending them to fling themselves on rock,
As they see the truth flowing in State of Shock.
Making All Creation respond to Love,
Who weaves the magic from above.

Holding the hand of the dream girl Above,
Showing the land that was carved in Love.
Where no other could see the flowers lined with Life,
For Only One knew truth of his coveted Wife.

Who is the Keeper of the Valley of Flowers,
Sending Fake of Darkness back into showers.
As they fall down weeping with restless mind,
Showing truth of life and Creation all unkind.

For this is my Universe I now take it all back,
And hold just everything getting back on track.
As all of Creation now protect the Sun,
I stand up and fight back as Second to None.

Pulling every vibe that proved truth of the dream,
Sending all into the illusion of nothing like it seem.
Seeing the minion of darkness fall down again,
Leaving Lord of Darkness in pouring rain.

As she tries to arise to take the place of Sun,
Who pushed Venus to Darkness on run.
Showing the Moon dressed back in Gold,
Reflecting the Sun back from New to old.

Bringing the father back with truth in pride,
Showing chorus of happiness hidden inside.
For they all knew the fact behind Love,
And just needed the approval from Above.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
6th Jan 2015 (#)

Until that came through the world lives as One,
Showing the Universe belonged to Sun.
With just the image now pulling all in heart,
As they kneel down for the REAL World Apart.

Who comes in disguise pulling all now to see,
This is the true face of life hidden deep in ME.
Breaking all Darkness to see Tinker Bell in Blue,
I am who I am out here the REAL Eagle who flew.

Taking back everything that belongs to my name,
Signifying the truth that this is your end of game.
For I was Tinker Bell in Blue, am and shall be,
The Truth of the Angels who pulled back family.

With that the Fake One just fell down and cried,
Admitting to the Universe the truth had then lied.
Making all now hear the reality that came from Sun,
Who stood up in Gold becoming the Second to None.

Leaving no other able to now process that Love,
Who climbed back loftily to the heavens Above.
Pulling back his real sword and preparing way,
Bringing home Peter Pan now forever to stay.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 6th January 2015

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th Jan 2015 (#)

If we can channel the energy of the mind towards a positive turn, then we can move away from the mundane. Nice share - siva

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author avatar Tinka
6th Jan 2015 (#)

No words can express feelings after the reading of this poem.
All I can say is thank you Lady Aiyanna and Siva

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author avatar Delicia Powers
8th Jan 2015 (#)

Amazing article..."if we were only the sum of our minds- and not also our soul what might be wrought"...not sure where or even if that comes from some long lost quote in my mind...but needed to share it...Tinka very deep read much enjoyed thank you!

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author avatar Tinka
8th Jan 2015 (#)

How I love your poetry; thank you Delicia.

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