The power of vision

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you cannot feature in a future that you do not picture.

The power of vision- Dare Shonubi F.

If an however small seed can fall unto a fertile ground, however long or short it takes, a tree of its kind will germinate.
It is no more news that humans have been so respectfully created, as God himself does not joke with our visions. Also, according to the whole nature of man, we can conclude that whatsoever we are is a function of what makes us. What makes us is nothing but our thoughts, and as the saying says “As a man thinks in his hearts, so he is”, it implies that our various records of predestination, which have been streamlined along the voice box of our consciences, now reflects in our hearts for us to exhibit, that people can see and judge us with, in order to know who we are.
One with an empty heart is one with an empty life. Note a person whose hearts is filled with the thoughts of the future, and you have known a person who has a vision, either good or bad. This implies that our thoughts give rise to our visions, and whatsoever we exhibit a product of our visions.
Physically, the word vision refers to the biological activities of the eyes i.e. sight. Based on this physical activity, one could hardly understand how a born blind man could see. In this case, the physical vision may not be totally necessary. It implies that there is a way the mind works with our brains could bring about the knowledge of whatsoever can happen in the future. It explains why a ten eye man can be controlled by a blind man. In such cases the blind man has been able o see what a group of 5 men has not been able to see. You might so want to ask the questions HOW? We should understand that our future lies in our thoughts. In as much as what we are presently is a product of what has run through our minds, it is therefore necessary for us have sit on a throne, even before we become a king. It is a fact that no one has ever become anything out of his/her own thoughts and vision. Vision is so an important factor in the race of life, as if we cannot see ourselves being fulfilled in life under whatsoever circumstance, we may not get to the finishing line before we are stock by the snares of life.
Life is full ups and downs. We need the power to foresee some life situations, in order to prepare ahead of them. For instances , a soldiers who foresees being shot in a war, can easily pretend being dead on the battle field, or take necessary precautions in order to avert any possible bullet or even any other actions that can cause has own death. Have you ever imagined how pharaoh of those days was able to overcome the seven years of farming in the land of Egypt?
A man without vision is a man without mission. It is the reason that many political rulers of today tend to have manifestos which serve as their visions in order to accomplish a mission during their regimes. A prospective ruler must therefore visualize himself ruling in a particular direction and also foresee possible outcomes and consequence of his propose actions and in-actions, which the same also applies to individuals.
Spiritually, vision is a tool of wondrous religions practices. Spiritual occurrences are often invisible to many religious persons. However few who has been privilege to see into the spirit realm by means of vision, can notify other brethren for spiritual edification. Even the supernatural creator of the heavens and the earth had to dream into the future before creation; “... Knows the end from the beginning…”
It implies that “… that the scriptures might be fulfilled…”, Judas Is’ Ca-riot could have done nothing but betrayed Jesus, Samson, nothing but died in the midst of his enemies, Esther, nothing but became queen and Jesus, nothing but died for the world. These entire aforementioned scriptural instances involve the activities of God himself seeing into the future, thinking and planning towards the predestined nature of humans, which can be referred to as God’s visions for humanity.
These two indispensable saying that “Our life is in our hands” and “Our future is no other time but now” possibly express the fact of how our future is embedded in our thoughts of today. It is very possible that we cannot feature in a future that we do not picture.
Whatsoever position or outcome of life you seem to get at this time of your life that have never imagined, the same is a product of another person’s vision, who as though of you being there to help his own wide imaginations. Therefore, it means you are only helping another person’s dreams, and however noble you are, you may never reach your divine attitude, as you have not even started your own very vision.
Nevertheless, vision if dream t, needs to be cultured in order to be realized. Some personally induced motives like optimism, determination, encouragement, valiance and environmental motivations are very necessary and important, as a vision can become visual in their presence.

Author:- Shonubi Dare


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Well written title and article... Thank you..

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