The president Xi Jin Ping’s Fujian killings Gang of the Communist Party of China want to do whatever they want

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After the Chinese revolutions,those in power were solely for personal gain and deprive all rights of their enemies.

The purpose of centralization is doing whatever they want

June 25,2018
I have never married anyone, but my marital status have been married since 2000 because of the vengeance of my mother’s enemy who have an extraordinary amount of power.
I have applied to change my marital status for many times, but it is difficult to change. Until my marital status is changed I am ineligible to marry.
Today I called my brother and asked him that during his marriage in 2000 if he went to the police station alone to make the process of increasing of population. He replied that he was the only one who did the procedure. And he denied making me married in the residential account. Rationally, my brother knew that I had never been married. So the malevolent act against me was carried out by people in the public security.
When I was on my way back from the outside, this afternoon, I met a pair of ugly and short man and woman, and another ugly and short man, who must be arranged by the president Xi Jin Ping’s Fujian killings Gang of the Communist Party of China on the way. What the Fujian killings Gang of the Communist Party of China mean is to force me to accept the ugly and short man by using the name of the underworld sent to my brother’s family or the name of the woman of my former lover. Then I heard the ghost said “divorce”. Yes, if I will not accept the ugly and short man, the Fujian killings Gang of the Communist Party of China will let my brother to be divorce by using the name of the woman of my former lover or by using the name of the mass actress whose grandfather was director of a public security bureau in northeast China, which I once have dreamed, because my brother’s wife is a tall woman, but she is an ugly woman, whose family is underworld. 《China's traditional culture should not be discarded, and the moral system should be added to the education system.》----This post may be against my this post yesterday: 《After Xi Jinping came to power he often mention the morality, which forbid the affair between me and the young man》. After the Revolution, Western countries changed from feudal society to capitalist society. And after 1949 China was from feudal society to a socialist society. But now, after China's powerful have turned state assets into their assets, or have made state assets under their control, they will want to turn China from the socialist society to the feudal society again. And then they can do whatever they want.


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