The return of the Sun, to it's place of origin

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this is a short timeline of physical history and the reason the sun makes it's return to its place of origin

The Omen of Chaco Canyon

2013 heralds the arrival of the Sun to its place of birth, or origin, the center of the galaxy, called the Milky way. Here the sun will rest and burn off the dross. The sun's power lies in the fact that we must follow it wherever it goes in the universe, we meaning the earth and the inhabitants thereof. The sun makes a trip to its place of origin when it feels the need to cleanse the whole of the system. We are catapulting to a place of destiny.

History reveals that the Sun has made this trip before. The nano meltdown of the earth's crust is historical evidence of the powerful meltdown caused when the sun's energy is directed at the earth. This happens when there is a breakdown of the universal laws. Infringement on free will is caused by Men who wish to rule by the power of death and not the law.

The laws of the universe were brought to the earth by its great avatars. Each Avatar brought forth a set of laws so that men who were separated from God by the fall of humanity were able by fulfillment of the law, re establish Divine contact with God.

In each dispensation the flesh and those who desire the flesh fight against the light of the Sun, and the light of mankind.

The laws were put in place so that men could wander in and out, and find the law working, so that they could reach their fruition, in their time and in their place. This is why hope springs eternal, so that any man who fulfills the law receives the truest gift of life, the eternal breath. All men seek to fulfill desire. As long as the fulfillment does not impinge on any other creature in god's kingdom, there is no harm, no fowl.

We see that the Lie of Cain, was to take control of the womb, to place his seed within it to bring forth only his image. Mankind fell from the grace of God, when Cain slay ed Abel in the field. The womb no longer brought forth in anonymity, there was placed upon specific instruction by a directed will. This was the lateral fall, literally.

Now there are men on this earth who only believe in their own divine bloodline. They protect it, and nurture it and reincarnate through it again and again. Men have learned to take up the image they leave behind, because for them death is a certainty. Cain was told because of his sin, (stealing his brother's womb) he would wander, and that he would bring up the weeds with the wheat.

The illumined ones consider all of mankind the weeds. They consider themselves the wheat. They do not like the law, because the law makes all men equal before it. The oligarchy that controls the earth have always subverted and destroyed the practice and fulfillment of the law, because they want the power and the glory to determine what comes from the womb and what goes to the tomb.

The black hole absorbs all light and steals free will. The conquering Nations, and the conquering bloodline of this world have used the power of death to rule this kingdom. The elites who liked to be called illumined because they can reincarnate back to where they were before, control the earth, or so they think so. Their control depends on the destruction of the law and the total destruction of free will. They are the progenitors of the black hole.

Via Apia is the main road between Sodom and Egypt. This is the road of conquering. This is the road where the Elite have vilified all other images before them. They have learned to accuse by using the law against the sons of any men. They hate any image not of their bloodline. They accuse, then they execute. We see this happening as the white European tries to destroy the image of Ishmael (Muslim) off the face of the earth.

Billions of people have died so that the Elite of this world can sustain themselves. They need the shedding of human blood to keep their crooked kingdom alive. The road between Sodom and Egypt is filled with cries of the men and women who were murdered to sustain this Luciferian system.

Men have put the flesh before the spirit. The flesh refuses to obey the law. The flesh seeks to destroy the law, so that it can rule over the lord's earth, and the lord's men.

Now we see that there are wars and rumors of wars, and that the negative energy of the unlawful is filling the earth.


The Sun removes all of the unlawfulness of the earth, when it burns off the dross. This will happen and wiser men have recorded the history of the sun and it’s journey to the center of the black hole of the Milky Way.

In revelations we read that all nations will come together to make war, to break the yoke of the law which impedes them from taking over the whole earth, we are given the truth of the revelation of Jesus Christ. All will be gathered together on the field of Har megiddon. To make battle against each other, against the law, and against God.

Anti-Christ is anyone who believes they have a right, or have rationalized and justified taking another man's life. And the men who rule this world, who believe they are the wheat, have created war to cull the masses, the weeds of the earth.

But we were given the law so that we might wander in and out. This was a universal right given to all of us by God. And those who have been vilified and murdered to sustain this system have been taken up by the Black hole that denies free will.

“And fire came out of heaven and destroyed them all” Revelations

Now the sun returns to it’s place of origin and there is a sign given to men so that they know when this great prophecy is about to be fulfilled. The great white cross in the sky and 3 days of total darkness, when the earth stops spinning.

The Sun Dagger, a testament to the power of the sun and the power of God.

Chaco Canyon:

The Sun dagger was sculpted out by the hands of men, who created a kingdom, where they built 5 story buildings, but needed to kill other humans in order to sustain their kingdom. They realized too late that this is the crooked kingdom and the sun returned to it’s place of origin and burned the earth until there was nothing left.

The natives of this land understood a crooked foundation, leads to a crooked kingdom and so they left the Sun Dagger in Chaco Canyon, as a reminder, as a portent, as a grave sign, because when the sun creates the dagger in Chaco Canyon, it is catapulting through space to it's place of origin, and mankind better prepare for certain destruction.

The Black Hole:

The black hole is so dense with light, and it steals the free will of the light of the universe. It takes in all light, it steals the light. It impinges on free will and denies it to the universal soul. We call this Satan. Satan is the adversary. Only here to point the accusing finger to take away free will.

The world has seen the accuser at work since the beginning of time. The accuser stands before God and accuses mankind so that he can use the power of death against him.

In this world the power of Satan is the taking away of free will. We see today how men who worship Satan, create laws, and war to take away the free will of man. They have subverted the law and used it to control mankind by fear of the limit of death.

When the sun reaches it’s place of origin, it will do so to liberate all of those souls who have died to sustain this system on earth. The black hole holds the light of billions of souls who have been murdered and accused and stripped of their free will. All of those souls who were crucified Via Apia are waiting for the return of the Sun to it’s place of origin to set them free!!!

Resurrection vs. Reincarnation

All of those souls who have been killed to sustain this Luciferian system will be released from that BLACK HOLE.

The Sun returns, the vilified, the accused, the murdered will all be released of their own volition.

WHY you might ask?

Because when the sun returns to it’s place of origin all of those souls will once again have: FREE WILL

No man on this earth can stop this, no man on earth has the power to stop free will.

Free Will makes moves the Universe. Free Will is the whole image of God. Free will can not be stopped by any negative energy or power that think they be.

Understand the portents and the signs of the times. Understand the sun returning to it’s place of origin. Understand the need to sculpt the sun Dagger in

Chaco Canyon. The time is now to scream freedom. The time is now to demand freedom from the guards at the Prison Gate.

Get on your rooftops. The time is now, right now, the revelation is happening NOW.


The time is coming when those who rule the earth will seek to destroy it. They seek destruction of those things they can not have, because they belong to GOD.

FREE WILL belongs to GOD.

Free will implies no possession of any living, breathing being.

When the fire comes out of Heaven, it will destroy much. It will destroy many. It will destroy those who are destroying the earth. For some this will be a horrendous event, because it will take away their world.

But all of that light will have been released of it’s own volition from the black hole, because free will has once again returned to all of those who have been killed.


This is the Resurrection of the dead. This is the return of free will, this is the king of kings, and lord of lords returning to take dominion over this earth.


Make no mistake, rise up and demand your freedom, do not fear the light, it is the return of the kingdom of God. God's will be done. That is FREE WILL!

This is a testament of a witness who is faithful and true.


Angry Sun, Chaco Canyon, Hendaye

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