The sheep robber

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Kevin and Snuifie come face to face with the sheep thief, sent to steal all their sheep. But is this M.U., or just someone working for him?

The sheep robber

The police and their canines came to maintain a presence in the area.

Kevin and Snuifie are patrolling the entire road all the way to the sheep kraal, but they don't find anyone suspicious.

Finally they decide that if somebody is indeed going to come for his sheep, it might be wisest to just stand guard at the sheep kraal itself.

They park the car and walk towards the kraal, but already sense something is wrong from a little distance away. The sheep sound quite restless.

Kevin and Snuifie approach with caution. They peep through the opening between the gate and the transom.

Yep, there is the bugger who came to steal the sheep, right inside the kraal, chasing some sheep now.

Kevin must think quickly. If they enter through the gate, the criminal will spot them immediately. Perhaps they can go round back and enter through a window, and get the drop on this thief.

Meanwhile, the criminal catches one of the sheep, holding it by the hind leg.

Kevin and Snuifie are sitting on the window sill. Kevin wanted them both to jump in all of a sudden and then grab the thief from behind, but Snuifie is now too scared to jump down. It's too high for somebody as small as him.

So, when he does jump, it's with a yell of fear. And that alerts the robber immediately, and the robber flees at lightning quick speed out another window.

Kevin and Snuifie chase after him.

Meanwhile, the sun is rising, so at least they won't have any more trouble seeing what's going on in the dark of night.

The sheep thief jumps onto a getaway bicycle, and off he rolls.

Kevin and Snuifie run back tot he car they came with, and the chase is on! Watch this action packed episode on


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