The short arm of the law

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This poem takes a dig at the state of the justice systems in the world. It discusses the shortcomings as well as expresses frustration, desperation and disappointment that the public feel when criminals get free or get lenient sentencing.

Leaving the truth behind

It really is a sad state of affairs,
But can we find someone who cares?
We have left the truth in yester-year,
I see the culprits laughing on the court room chair.
Today it's a matter of wins and losses,
The truth doesn't even feature in coin tosses.

Common sense steers us towards practicality,
The men in uniform see to little other than technicality.
We are caged when we walk down the street,
Fear cripples the heart when friends and family meet.
Around the corner the beasts wait for their prey,
They're shameless to pounce even in the light of day.

Protection is foreign to their dictionary,
They'd rather play Pictionary.
The power of the safe exceeds the conscience of the just,
The sight of those zeros gives birth to uncontrollable lust.
Greed is what's blinding their hearts,
Taxpayers swallow poisonous darts.

Rapists and murderers easily escape the harmless and naive law,
The media can only drop its jaw.
It's fantastical to hope for improvements,
Unhelpful ears mock our strikes and movements.
They hide behind laws and human rights,
Small sounds give us sleepless nights.

These clowns are handled with kid gloves,
Such treatment is meant for those beautiful doves.
We are told not to take the law into our own hands,
Safety deserts us even in faraway lands.
I do not condone any kind of violence,
But all we get from authority is condolence.

Justice can land us in jail,
Revenge leads us down a deadly trail.
Only miracles can lead them to see the light,
There is darkness when the sun is bright.
For now let us hope for a better reaction,
It's a pity we leave the whole for the fraction.

The blue outfits fill their boots with corruption,
We wait in horror for unlawful volcanic eruption.
Standing in court is like drinking acid,
This environment is entirely placid.
My father once told me to be patient,
I do not wish to be a bed-ridden patient.

Until I see change I will not hold my breath,
The law itself will send me to my death.
As I look up at the peaceful stars,
It blocks the noise from the dangerous cars.
From now on I will not think of the law,
The wounds it has dealt me are still open and raw.

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18th Feb 2014 (#)

Job well done..

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