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After a very long battle with illness and severe family trauma. I found it hard to get any job, particularly as I am 38 and not very qualified in many important areas. I am doing courses, but I am on the search as a free-lance writer and I've started with working from home


I did not have the start most people do. My school life and young adult life was fraught with bullying and many other difficulties that got in my way, which is why I left school without many qualifications. Even worse, I was broken into and sadly my record of achievement was stolen too, and I simply do not have the cash to chase those back. In my position, it is very hard to get paid work, as many want a cv and qualifications, difficult because I have had to start from scratch, and can not afford to do too many courses in one go

Writing at School

I wrote a story for an English Lesson in my early years at school, the teacher was so astonished by it, she asked me if I'd copied it from a book! I loved reading and writing, I spent most of my time doing that. I still do it today, so I'm now in the early stages of writing a book for Amazon and searching for free-lance writing jobs for creative writers.

Wikinut! its where it started!

The idea started right here on Wikinut. I am always looking for things to write about here, and I realized that writing is where I belong! I'm currently improving my grammar skills on where I am also learning about different things that interest me. It is an amazing site to learn on, although you have to pay for the certificate at the end but it is worth it.

Wikinut has given me a place to practice finding things to write about, and it is fun to see who reads and watch my stats. It gives me an idea as to what I could write and how many are interested in my articles too. So thank you wikinut for the start to a new career!

Stories and poetry

I love them. Adult Stories, Children's Stories, Vampire Stories, Realism Stories, non-fiction, drama. I could go on. I'm always reading things like people's friend and searching the web for new things. My kindle has become very handy, I fill it with books! I also write stories myself, and one day I will write a few here too.

My love of poetry grew after I completed and passed 'An introduction to the humanities' with the Open University. I wanted to finish a Literature course with them, but serious issues with family got in the way. My dream is to go back and finish that course, when I have enough academic practice to do it. I love writing and reading poems, but I especially love analysing them and working out how it is put together.


Realism are reality based stories. Jane Austin's 'Pride and Prejudice,' Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein, both have aspects of realism in them. As do gothic novels, and Vampire Stories. Basically it is mostly found in the way the characters interact, and the setting such as fields, flowers, houses, clothes and various body language, the way the characters talk. It is every day life that us humans do, that creates this effect in stories. Describing textures of materials, buildings, sights, sounds, smells all create realism. Coronation Street is one brilliant description of realism. True to life stories are based on 'true to life' events, which creates a persons realism. I write stories like these, and I get well engrossed in reading them.

All day writing if I had time!

I'd spend all day writing if I had time. Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way, so I take a camera and a note book when I visit somewhere and use those to get story ideas. I'm planning to do a course in free-lance next year, but for now, I am establishing myself through writing on the web, and concentrating on my book until I am ready. I never really saw how enthusiastic I was until I started writing on wikinut. I'm also using the site to figure out how much time I have to write, and the other thing is it gets me brainstorming and makes me look for things to write in ways I never thought I could.

A new career

I've already given myself the title 'work from home writer' and 'Free-lancer.' Those titles keep me working and it feels nice to have a job title after so many years of not working. I've got much to look forward to and a lot of work ahead, but I know it will be worth it in the end. Starting to write more is really changing my life. It is a journey of self-discovery and I'm nearly there, but in years to come I could have a fully established career right from my home, and that works for me as I am a busy mum and wife, but I am looking for the 'career-woman' in me. In my eyes, I already started my career when I started to write my first article! Here's to a new future for me!


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I have recovered from several illnesses and I will be writing about the effects of these and parenting with mental illness. There will be many other topics that interest me too.

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author avatar Reni Sentana-Ries
8th Jun 2015 (#)

I perceive you are a very brave soul, and truly wish you success in all your undertakings.

We live in a cruel world, and your childhood experiences remind me of my own I had when I grew up.

Best of luck to you, Buttterfly36.! (If luck has anything to do with it) :)

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
9th Jun 2015 (#)

Best of luck in your endeavors. Writing is a passion and requires the will to never give up.

I have a part time job to meet my expenses as I need to pay my bills! I cannot expect much from my genre of writing - siva

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