The story about the little child that always be gratefull !! Although in the end, he died horribly.

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This is sad story, when I read this I know my tears had fall.
So,you must prepare tissues beside you, because I can't stand to not cry.
This child very pure and innocent...
Happy reading !!

the true example good child and also poor child !!

There is a 4th grade kid who always give thanks in all circumstances. He lived in a village Milaor, Camarines Sur, in the Philippines. Every day to get to school he had to walk through the area where the land is rocky and cross the dangerous highway where vehicles are speeding. Every time managed to cross the highway, Andoy always stopped by the church to pray. Its action is observed by the Rev.. Agaton. Because Andoy was touched by the attitude of the innocent and faithful. One day when Andoy about to go to the Church Pastor. Agaton say hello.

Cpc. Rev.: "Good morning Andoy, how are you? Are you going to school?"
Andoy: "Yes, Reverend Father!" Andoy replied with a smile.
Cpc. Rev : "From now on I will assist and accompany you to cross the street each time you will cross.
Andoy: "Thank you, Reverend Father!"
Cpc. Rev : "Now what would you do?"
Andoy: "I just want to greet Jesus ... my best friend."

Then the priest would leave the Andoy to spend time with God, but then Rev. Agaton hiding behind the altar to listen to what was discussed Andoy. Andoy started talking to his Companions.

Andoy: "You know Lord, my math exam today is very bad, but I did not cheat though my friends others do. My father had a bad season and all I can eat was this cake. Thank you for this Lord. I had seen the poor kitten the hungry and I gave him the last my cake .. funny thing is, I'm not that hungry. See, this is the last shoe .. maybe next week I should be running without shoes. You know God's shoes will be damaged, but that's okay .. the most important I can still go to school.

My God says our people will experience a hard season this month, because it's some of my friends had quit school. please help them get to school anymore. Oh, you know Mom hit me again. Hurt like hell, but I'm grateful because it still has a mother. And this pain will surely be lost. Look at this wound God? I know You can heal the scar here (Andoy holding scar) Please do not scold my mother yes ..??? indeed he was tired and anxious thinking about the food needs of my school fees as well .. That's why he hit me. Oh yes .. the Lord. I think I'm falling in love at this time. There was a beautiful young in my class, do you think she will like?

Ah .. however I know that you will always like because I do not need to be anybody to please your heart. You are my friend. Hey .. The Lord is my friend, your birthday only two days away, do not you excited? Just wait I have a gift for you. but it is a surprise and I hope you like it. Ooops I must go now. Good afternoon "Then Andoy immediately ran outside and called Father Agaton. Andoy:" Pastor Rev. .. rev .. I'm done talking with friends, the Lord Jesus, now you can accompany me across the road! Activities take place every day, never missed Andoy though.

Father Agaton shares these people in his church every Sunday because he had never seen a pure faith and trust in God and be thankful when difficult situations occur like those of Andoy. When Christmas day arrived, Father Agaton sick so he can not lead church and was hospitalized. Management of the Church handed over to four older women who never smile, they always blame all the things other people. Day's date. December 25 when the four old woman was in the church had suddenly come in and want to say hello Andoy Companions.

Andoy : "Hello Lord, I'm..."
4 Women: "Damn you kids! Do not see your eyes we're praying ??!!! Exit .!!!"

Andoy so surprised, because he was never expelled by Rev.Agaton. Andoy: "Where is the Reverend Father? He was supposed to help me cross the street .. he always told me to come through the back door of the Church. Not only that, I have to greet friends, today is His birthday, I have a gift for Him." When Andoy about to take the prize from inside his shirt, one of the four women pulled the collar of his shirt and pushed it out. Andoy sad, confused and after thinking a moment he had no choice but to cross the highway. There was a bend that is not visible views, a fast moving bus and started crossing while protecting Andoy gifts earlier in the shirt, so he does not see the bus coming earlier. Suddenly brakkk ... (You hear a noise and the bus had stopped suddenly) What happened? because it can not avoid large bus had run over and killed instantly Andoy. People crowded around the body Andoy's lifeless.

Sad ... It was out of nowhere came a sudden emergence of a white-robed man with a gentle face yet full of tears, he hugged and cried Andoy body. The people wonder, then asked them curious. The people: "Excuse me sir, are you related to this poor kid? Do you know him?" With a grieving heart he immediately stood up and said: "The boy is named Andoy, He is my best friend." Then took the badly wrapped gift in Andoy clothes and put the chest. He stood up and carried away the body Andoy. The crowd was more curious ...

That night, Father Agaton received the shocking news. He visited the house Andoy. When the Rev.. Agaton meet with parents Andoy he asked: "How do you know your son died?" Andoy mother replied, wiping her tears: "A white-robed man who brought him here." Rev. Agaton asked again: "What did he say?". "He did not utter a word. He was very grieved. We do not know him but he looks sad, as if he knew Andoy well. But there is a peace that is hard to explain about him. He gave me my son and smiled gently. He stroked her hair and Andoy He kissed her forehead and whispered something, "replied the father Andoy.

Rev.Agaton: "What did he say?" Andoy father replied: "He said, Thank you for the gift. You will soon meet with me." And the father continued, "you know later. It felt so beautiful .. I cried from happiness .. I can not explain it, when he left us there is a peace that satisfy our hearts, I knew my son was already in Heaven now. But Pastor please tell who is this guy who always talked to my son every day in your church you would know because you've always been there every day, except today when my son died. Suddenly tears welling Father Agaton dripping, with trembling knees, Rev. Agaton whispered, "He did not talk to anyone .. except with the Lord Jesus. "

Do you know where Andoy are now? Yes he was in heaven with the Lord Jesus. Would we all too ... was in heaven later? Yes we all want it.

• Andoy have a heart that is always grateful. Although the situation was experiencing difficult life but he was always happy because he knew the Lord Jesus always loves her best friend. Through the collision event was the Lord Jesus came for her to heaven.


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author avatar Mikey.
28th Dec 2011 (#)

A very touching and beautiful story, And well told too Andrina.

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author avatar sunshine46
29th Dec 2011 (#)

Great story!

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author avatar Apong
22nd Feb 2012 (#)

Hi,its a nice story but is this a real story... did it really happen??

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author avatar ABBY
7th Mar 2012 (#)

Are u talking about the same boy in picture?i am trying very hard to find out about this boy pleaes let me know as soon as u can.thanks

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