The story of the woman raised by monkeys

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The poignant story of a girl who overcomes unique hardship and deprivation - growing up with a troop of capuchin monkeys - to find ultimate redemption.

The Girl With No Name

2 years ago Colombian Marina Chapman exploded worldwide with the recognition that as a child she lived for 5 years in the jungle in Colombia and was raised by capuchin monkeys.
In his book The girl without a name Marina tells how a 5 year old was kidnapped from his home most likely to be asked for ransom from her parents. This happened in the 50s of last century, when in Colombia this type of crime have been rare.
But the Raiders lost little girl in the depths of the jungle. Marina remembers how fed with fruits in his first days in the jungle. Then started to monitor the behavior of surrounding monkeys. Of them learned to climb trees and broken nuts to eat with them.
In the early Capuchins are not treated very friendly to newcomers, but after a while started to get on her shoulders and her groom, which is a sign of caring monkeys.
With memories of Marina she lived among capuchins about five years when I accidentally found her hunters. The girl is going after them, and then for the first time in years, leaving the jungle.
Hunters sold it in the town of Cucuta a slave woman who was the owner of a brothel in the city. The woman called Carmen and the area was known for its large cruelty.
Carmen beaten small marina for her every mistake. With memories of the girl once she was close to death after a fight.
After years of physical and emotional abuse she fled from the brothel. While living in monkeys she learned to develop speed, which is typical for most people.
After it was adopted by a caring family in Colombia, which moved to the UK in the 70s. When adopted, it had no name and to carry out the process itself Marina chosen name.
Marina Chapman is now married to a British professor and they have two daughters.
Once the story of the woman raised by monkeys came to light from National Geographic decided to check whether Marina was telling the truth.
Popular scientific TV returned the woman in her native Colombia, where she was subjected to various tests to prove his story. Results are contradictory.
First Marina underwent psychoanalysis. An expert in psychology found that its history was probably invented as a result of severe childhood.
Analysis of the bones it shows that she was malnourished during the period for which claims that lived among the apes.
Capuchin expert says Marina has surprisingly accurate knowledge of this type of monkeys. In principle it is a 10-year study to learn their habits such accuracy.

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