The strange flash of light

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I draw the curtains of my room in Tower Mansion in order to get dressed for bed without being seen from outside.

The strange flash of light

Well, I'm all ready for bed now. So now, I'll turn off the light and then in the dark I'll make my way over to the curtains to open them. I like to see the view while I fall asleep at night; that's why I sleep with the curtains open.

Anyway, while I make my way towards the curtains in the pitch black dark, I'm suddenly startled by bright light shining from behind me.

The light lights up everything in front of me; the walls and the curtains.

When I'm all shaken up, the light suddenly goes out.

"It's them again", I think instinctively, not that I know who I'm talking about.

All I know is I'm not turning around now to see who made that bright light, until I've opened the curtains so the feint evening light coming from outside will help me see who is behind me. As it is, it's pitch, pitch black so I will not be able to make out anyone anyway.

So I hurry over to the curtains and draw both of them open as quickly as I can, then finally I turn around.

Yep, as I expected, nothing and nobody whatsoever out of the ordinary.

So, whatever could have made that bright light from behind me?

I try to think up some ways, like the light maybe flashing again from cooling down, but realising the light did not come from the ceiling light.

I have a bedlamp that works with batteries. The light that came from behind me was kind of the same color as the light it makes, but the lamp is pointed down and wouldn't possibly have shown light from the angle that I could see the light fall in front of me during the occurence.

Did it come from outside? Obviously not. The curtains were drawn and it was pitch black in the room. There was no way it could have shone in from the door either.

So, I guess there's just one explanation: I don't know but I think it's something intelligent. The paranormal keeps life interesting.



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