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This is a poem about a kitty warming in the sunlight and using it as a blanket for a nap.


The days pass and the sun would warm my back
As I lay in the sunlight through the window
The warmth of the sun keeping me warm while I nap
A blanket that I never have to worry about getting myself out of
In its yellow glow warming me and the floor moving from one side to the other
The blanket of sunshine becomes my friend that comes to visit every day
In the same spot and the same place
In the window I will lay to warm up for warm dreams to come
While the nights become cold in my spot near the window
This is one friend that I would love to keep
Keeping my paws warm during the naps
The sun shine keeps my fur warm even during the coldest days of winter
The light is something that I would love to store in a bottle for long time to come
Light from the sun is a friend to all of the kitties in the world
The sun is a friend to all of the animals of the earth
It warms the earth for the food that is grown to feed the animals
That they are grateful for and give thanks in their own way
And warm up those who need it the most
The sunlight is just a reminder for the world that the sun will raise again
To give warmth for it is the suns job and it is out of love
The animals do enjoy the love of the sun and the warmth
The sunlight being a napping source of heat
The warmth can be a glorious thing to feel
The sun light dance from one side to the other with nothing to do better then
To warm the life around here
It seems that each beam is a single little person dancing in its own spot
The sunlight is the blanket that I crave with the dancing beams
That I can count on to come again tomorrow
Sunlight is something that I can see coming over the hills every morning
The sun is something that provides for use without
Even asking for anything in return
A grand job in the end
Something that will out live me
The sunlight is something that can be more then what we can say it can be
It gives us the energy and the life that we live
With something in life that is most dependable
With its risings and falling over the hills
Even though it falls it never fails
It doesn’t fail to rise to the occasion
It is something simple but yet something that can be destructible
Something that is more then we are and something so big
Bigger then life itself
Bigger then the planet that heats planets
The sun gives warmth that gives life and the energy to continue
Our life styles and to make sure we are warm for the future
It doesn’t fail to see that many depend on it


Sunlight, Warmth

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author avatar Kingwell
23rd Feb 2015 (#)

You write very well. Blessings.

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