The tables seem to have turned regarding Petros

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Does it feel good to be horrible? Seems not.

Petros always tried to break me down with all manner of insults, especially telling me I'm fat all the time. Last time we were at Canyon Manoir, that's all he could say to me. He ridiculed me endlessly until I wished he was dead.

The tables seem to have turned regarding Petros

Of course, I could always just have told him that he's fat too. Because indeed he was. Contrary to what he was saying, he was indeed a helluva lot fatter than me.

However, at the time I believed I did not want to be a horrible person trying to hurt someone else by insulting them all the time and ridiculing them for being fat.

And Petros absolutely thrived on my inability to be horrible back to him.

Fast forward to this time.

I don't know why but I must have changed into a different person since we were at Canyon Manoir last. I even feel like a different person.

And, I have absolutely no hesitation or problem to tell Petros exactly what I think of him. Most all of it is not positive things, but it's like he's broken me down so much by now that all the feeling is gone and I can just say what I think like a robot going through the motions without worrying about whether I might be insulting him. I want him to know exactly how I feel.

The fat bastard must know that his hurtful insults have made me into a hardened person who doesn't care to tell him he looks like Rolly Polly after eating the Pillsbury dough boy and swallowing a hot air balloon whole. Because honestly, Petros is so fat the mere sight of him makes me want to puke.

I don't know why I always took such a lot of crap from him. I guess I felt sorry for him because I knew he's being hurtful because of his own self esteem problems.

But now, I don't give a crap. If he can dish it out, he can take it and it's way overdue anyway.

It feels good to be a hardened person. No more sensitive garbage.

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