The tale of twin-parrots, Part 1

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Twins are physically identical. But do they have similar traits?
They share most things. But what happens when a girl comes in between? Read on!

Part 1

It was twilight.

A cold Friday twilight.

A lone tube-light flickered irregularly at the far end of the corridor sandwiched by cells. The air was heavy with a mixture of chilliness, remorse, vengeance and an excess of pain. The jailor’s stick made its routine contact with the ruthless iron bars that separated the lesser mortals from each other and the rest. Few bothered to take notice of the clanging. They had become too commonplace to be of any significance.
All was oblivious to one soul; a soul that was plagued by silence; a soul that conversed through expressions.

A powerful beam of light shot out from the jailor’s torch into a hole in the door.

His eyes opened a little.

His eyebrows lifted slowly and questioningly.

“You have a visitor. Ten minutes, Baker!”

But to Rudy Baker’s eyes, the jailor was a mere puppet, using his hands and mouth to make a futile conversation with him. But twenty one years of practice had rendered Rudy adept in reading lips. Taking the cue he propped himself on his elbow and squinted at the jailor, before getting up lazily to follow. As he walked past the only window in the corridor, his sun kissed skin reflected the orange from the dying twilight Sun. His face betrayed his history and substantiated his presence in a place so morose. The narrow passage widened to the spacious visitors’ room. He lifted his head for the first time.

There she was.

It is amazing how the simplest of things could turn one’s world upside down. To someone who was deaf and mute, a smile was the nearest that Rudy could get to reflecting his feelings. Feelings that foamed and seethed inside his hardened heart, trying to prise it open.

He smiled, so did she.

If similarity in appearance was anything to go by, Rudy and Ronny Baylor were the perfect example of twins. But the contrast in characters was close to being black and white. Ronny was a gifted singer. But as fate would have it, Rudy was deprived of the ability to hear or speak. It is said that when one door closes, another opens. In Rudy’s case, God seemed to have left a whole lot of open doors. Rudy was a promising national tennis player and a wonderful athlete, bagging medals and laurels for Tenessee regularly. It became typical of Rudy to make it to the sports page of the Memphis Daily whenever there was a sporting event. To have achieved all that at an age of 22 would have made many a youngster envious.

But that which was behind that ONE closed door was what Rudy’s beating heart pined for.

It was standing before him.


The word brought hordes of memories rushing back to haunt him. Memories those were immensely painful.

During the 4 years of their relationship, not once did Ronny or Katie come anywhere close to a breakup. They clearly stood out from the teeming crowd of teens for whom a relationship was synonymous to getting laid. Such was the commitment in their relationship. If they couldn’t define the opposite of a cliché, no one could. It was love at first sight for Ronny.

Sadly, Ronny wasn’t the only person who fell in love.
Rudy had always fancied Katie from the time he first saw her, to this very moment. Sadly, his impairment hampered him from subtly expressing his feelings to her, as a result of which he ended up losing her to Ronny.

On that day, the twin seeds of love and envy were deeply ingrained in his vulnerable heart, his envy deriving sustenance from his love. His envy for Ronny slowly turned into hatred and started affecting his game. He became a bereaved youth, seeking spiritlessly for affection. So intense was the fire of jealousy that it burned his conscience right through like blobs of vitriol that eat floors.

He walked closer and came to a halt in front of the grill. He broke his train of thought as she took something out from her bag. It was an invitation, but Rudy already knew what lay inside. He opened it slowly. Inside, there was a card that had two hearts sticking to each other with two names.


To be continued...

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