The tale of twin-parrots, Part 2

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Twins are physically identical. But do they have similar traits?
They share most things. But what happens when a girl comes in between? Read on!

Part 2

“How are you Rudy?” asked she.

Rudy nodded.

“Are they being too tough on you?” her forehead was creased. She was clearly worried.
He shrugged first. Then shook his head and lifted his hand up and lied that he was okay.

“After all what happened, I decided we should only get married quicker. Ronny was in bad shape, but is getting better. Marriage would do a world of good to him. That would be better for both of us, don’t you think?”

Rudy strained to make sense of what she was saying, but he was used to reading fast moving lips. He closed his eyes, smiled and gave a reassuring nod. But inside a storm was raging which Katie knew nothing about.

“All the legal procedures are done. I’ve got the paperwork all done. It’s just a matter of time when you’ll be back to normal. It’s going to be over Rudy. “Katie’s eyed were already moist.

The unprecedented overdose of kindness was intoxicating for Rudy. He touched her finger through the small hole in the grill. She didn’t withdraw. She held on to his finger reassuringly. Rudy couldn’t stand it. He shook the grill a couple of times in anger and agony, turned back and stormed inside.

“Rudy, Wait! What’s wrong?!” shouted Katie but of course he was oblivious to anything happening behind.

Once he was back inside the passage, he slowed himself to a halt and gazed at the window. The jailor had gone out for a smoke which meant he had some more time for himself.Loneliness coupled with scenery was a wonderful catalyst for churning out dormant memories.

Ronny and Katie met in a law class in college and not long after, became thick friends. Frequent walks, long hours on the phone, chit conversations during class and innumerable texts led friendship into something else and before they knew it, love blossomed. Neither of them confronted their love for the other but deep down inside they always knew that they were meant for each other.

Ronny was an aspiring lawyer while Katie, a law student. They had a common seminar in New York, where Rudy had his national selections. The three of them went together. After the seminar, the two went to the stadium to support Rudy. Not surprisingly, Rudy emerged with flying colors.

The newspaper would have sported his name proudly on its back page for bagging a place in The United States National Athletics Team, but as fate would have it, he was to find a place in the front page too.

For a totally different reason.

A devastating reason.

The silver from the moonlight reflected from the raging seas, as he felt a tug in his arms. It was the jailor.

“In! Get back! Now!” said he, as he pushed him towards his cell.

Hours passed. It was half past twelve. It was an endless loop of memories, agony and remorse running inside his head. He could not sleep. He got up and leaned on the cell gate.To his surprise, it swung open. Apparently, the jailor’s memory was as good as his temper. He stifled a gasp, as he stepped out.

The array of rooms on either side was all dark except for the part opposite to the windows, illuminated by the waning moon. As he sneaked past, what he saw inside nailed him to the spot.

Ronny was seated on a wheelchair, looking at the moon. Rudy’s footsteps turned Ronny’s gaze towards him.Their eyes met.

The mere sight of his counterpart brought a wave of change in his face. His eyes narrowed slightly, and for a moment, Rudy thought Ronny was tearing, but then he realized, it was more due to shock than anything else.
They continued eye contact…

After finishing their work, the three went for a trip to the hilltop. The hilltop presented a breathtaking 3500 m view with the water from the Niagara dropping down on the canopy of trees below. The cool breeze that slapped your face was characteristic of the altitude. One could not help but get philosophic and emotional on witnessing the scintillating spectacle.

By then, Rudy had reduced his talks with Ronny to the barest minimum and Ronny was quick to notice. All he needed was some time alone with his brother to clear things. Katie had gone to get food for them, as Ronny moved towards Rudy, who was standing alone at the edge of the top.He put a hand on Rudy’s shoulder.

“What happened Rudy? What’s wrong?”

Rudy shook his head.

“I have never seen you this way Rudy. Something is definitely wrong. Who else will you share it with? C’mon, spit it out bro.”

Rudy shrugged and shook his head again harder.

“Am I the problem? Is Katie the problem? Or do you feel more comfortable with her? Should I call her? Maybe she might help you feel better.

And that did it.

To be Continued...

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