The tale of twin-parrots, Part 3

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Twins are physically identical. But do they have similar traits?
They share most things. But what happens when a girl comes in between? Read on!

Part 3


The wrong word uttered at the wrong instant by the wrong person triggered a violent reaction in Rudy. All hell broke loose inside his head and turned him into a love craving monster plagued by jealousy, whose common sense was blinded by anger and lust.

He turned back and in one fluid motion he caught hold of Ronny and jerked him, trying to push him off the top. Ronny, totally taken by surprise was speechless. Gathering himself, still trying to resist Rudy, he spoke.

“Katie?! SHE…. SHE is the problem Rudy? “

Rudy refused to read his lips and continued pushing.

“After all these years… A GIRL separates us...? Are WE your problem Rudy!?”

Rudy’s eyes were possessed with something so alien and strange that Ronny was repulsed to look into them. It was no longer the Rudy he knew. The bond was broken. The rarest of bonds which two twins share, was broken by lust. The bond which fed on love to become strong was now breached by lust. Broken by lust and envy.

“I am sorry.. Sorry Rudy.. Never thought you would..” as he gave in to Rudy’s force and plummeted down.

The headlines that followed a week later were to rock the twins’ worlds.



New York, Mar 22:

The hilltop was full of action last week, as the crowd witnessed an ugly row between two twins, Rudy and Ronny Baker. Rudy, an upcoming athlete, was touted to be a certainty in the United States Long Jump team for the London Olympics scheduled next year, but of course, fate thought differently. The motive for the fight which ended with Ronny falling over the hill top is still unclear. Ronny though lucky to survive, sustained severe injuries and lost his speech and limb mobility in shock. Both parties were unable to communicate or express themselves, one of them being deaf and mute by birth, the other almost entirely paralyzed. The court hearing that happened yesterday ended in an unusual manner with the judge sentencing both the twins to a year’s jail term. Ronny is expected to serve his term once the doctors have deemed him fit. Is the justice too harsh? Or is this expected to unravel the motive?
Only time can tell.

Somebody dropped a plate somewhere and that brought Rudy back to the present. He sneaked back to his room and spent the rest of the night in guilt.

What Rudy didn’t know was, Katie had readied the legal procedures through her firm and secured the release papers for both the twins. Ronny’s release date was tomorrow, and Rudy’s the week after.

The next morning, the twins’ parents came to receive their son, along with Katie. It was the visitors’ room in which all the five met. Rudy looked at the innocent faces of his parents and Katie, who was wheeling Ronny towards them.

His father ran towards him and hugged him as hard as a 55 year old man possibly could.

“How are you Rudy? Did these rogues ill treat you?” asked Mrs.Baker, tears already running down her cheek.

Rudy gave a silent disapproval and turned to his father, avoiding Katie’s gaze all the while.

“What are you saying Janet? What did you think of our son? You think he’d let them manhandle him? He would give them a good piece of his mind. And a few punches here and there. Like that!” said Mr.Baker as he punched him playfully. He wiped a tear trickling out from his eyes onto his cheek.

Rudy closed his eyes. Tears seeped through his eyelids.

To be continued...

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