The tale of twin-parrots, Part 4

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Twins are physically identical. But do they have similar traits?
They share most things. But what happens when a girl comes in between? Read on!

Part 4

Katie caught Rudy by his wrist and turned him towards her. She was smiling.

“Look at the irony, Rudy. Those fools thinking that you were fighting against each other. What moron in this world could possibly perceive one twin trying to kill another? Haha! Idiots I tell you! It doesn’t need rocket science to figure out that Ronny lost balance, and you were trying to pull him back up, but you couldn’t help it. Right Rudy?”

Their belief and confidence in him scared him. He looked down with nowhere to hide his shame.

That was all the love Rudy needed. Not bodily, carnal, picture perfect love, but love when he needed it the most, and Katie gave it to him. Not only Katie, the three of them had dished out loads of love, spraying it like a fountain over his dried up heart of stone with only remorse within.

Rudy kneeled down in front of Ronny, and bent down to touch the rough concrete with his head. He started shaking.

He cried. He poured out his regret, his gratefulness towards his parents, his apologies to Katie and Ronny in one long wail. He banged the floor with his fist and put his hands to his head. A mute man couldn’t have possibly cursed God more for ‘endowing’ him with such a ‘gift’.

The people around couldn’t help feeling pity for a youth who was outplayed at the vicious hands of fate. The jailor put a hand on Rudy’s shoulder and lifted him. Ronny, whose face was stone hard till then, looked at Rudy and blinked slowly and kindly, thrice. Rudy’s time was over and had to be taken back.

The next week, the four of them came for Rudy’s release. There was a huge crowd in front of the building.

“Hey, what’s going on?” asked Katie to the jailor, pointing to the corridor.

“Ms.Simpson, Please go away.. so sorry..” he was unable to continue.

“What happened? Tell me!” shouted Katie sensing something was amiss.

“Rudy licked rat poison off his cell walls and now he is unconscious. The doctor is checking him.”

Katie and Rudy’s parents pushed the crowd aside and ran towards Rudy and kneeled down.

“I am sorry sir, he is no more” said the doctor to Mr. Baker.

“Nooo!” shrieked Mrs. Baker and drew him close to her chest.

Mr.Baker and Katie were too shocked to utter a word.

Once upon a time, there lived two parrots who were together right from the time they saw the light of this world. There came a cuckoo, to share the warmth between the two. The parrot needed the cuckoo so much. So much so that it was willing to go to the extent of killing its sibling to attain the cuckoo. Then it realized love was not something that one can buy, or acquire through eliminating others. It was a feeling, warmth, and understanding that breaks all bounds, penetrates all barriers and surges right into the heart. The parrot killed itself eventually, unable to bear the weight of guilt.

The parrot lay pitifully on the jail floor as its parents mourned its untimely departure from a world so beautiful.

The End.

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Bereaved, Brothers, Death, Envy, Girlfriend, Guilty, Jail, Love, Lust, Parents, Relationship, Repent, Serene, Support, Trust, Twins

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
20th Jun 2012 (#)

A cuckoo is a lazy birdwho doesnot build its own nest and throws down and kills the crows eggs to lay its own out there.
Rare combination of a Parrot and a Cuckoo. Guess there are fatal exceptions like mothers and daughters fighting over the same man, letting go of spouse for another etc. wherein the cuckoo flies away leaving the crow taking care of the babies and the parrot just echoes what the cuckoo says as it imitates any voice with precision and without guilt as its its job to imitate and replicate the design. While the crow is an intelligent bird that may not sing out yet but pecks the head of the enemy till justice finally arrives. They never leave unless they are killed by external forces in this case it may have been rate poison but its slow death as it contains arsenic - check the nail patterns and colour, there is always a clue.
Sorry for your loss....

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author avatar Rocket Raja
21st Jun 2012 (#)

Thanks a lot for the valuable information Aiyanna. It is not a real incident though. Its a fiction.

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author avatar Harsha
21st Jun 2012 (#)

Here's to the next leading English-story writer of India..!

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author avatar Rocket Raja
21st Jun 2012 (#)

Thanks buddy! Have no idea how much it means! :)

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