The teacher and the old banknote

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Diary of a poor student, posted to social networks in Vietnam, as every person emotionally touched that a poor teacher for him.

The teacher and the old banknote

Finally, it also stationed university. The first would like to inform believe it is important that the parent is not it that the beloved teacher of it ...

It poor house, the brothers crowded, poor so long it had little dared think about for the college. You are the only one who supported it, give it the belief that "I can".

Then he brought it to a lot of books, notebooks guess is that it makes the lessons of the master, he gave it a small package which he said was "secret" and then told the most difficult time just recently opened. Package "recipes" that he is now receiving from the hands of an approximately 10,000 bills in Vietnam, wrapped in two layers of old plastic, the bill was largely smoothed the crumpled phiu that it believed that he had to spend for a long time!

Two years later, it still occasionally get his 10,000 dong (strangely, it seemed at the time it deadlock least!) ... Two years, it has never once visited him.

At noon, I power up the newspaper: "He's gone." It only asked for three words stammered: "Why are you lost?", Then fall down and choking her mother at the other end: "I long illness that nobody knows. Day put him in the hospital, the doctor said he was shooting new government organs damaged every continent then, no one could go visit the teachers were ... ".

It's leaving everything to climb the bus. In the sweltering midday heat with intoxication tired vehicles, it found him gentle side to it, leaning on its hot hands 10,000 sheets of sparkling new ... Until now it was noticed that he was pale great, talented hands deftly sinewy old days were so much more ... it quickly realize the tears rolling down her cheeks, her heart screamed and sobbed: "Oh ... why did not I wait for you to ... !?" .

Because it just tacks security: if the exchange the other 10,000 of drugs, he will live until he could return to ...

It screamed in vain "Teacher..why teacher not wait for you to return"


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I come from Viet Nam . i like watch amine . I'm not good at English, if I have the wrong advice on English grammar of your post. Hope you're prompted to gradually improve their

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author avatar Retired
4th Sep 2014 (#)

Nice story, HacBao. Kindness to others has its own rewards.

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author avatar snerfu
5th Sep 2014 (#)

Very nice story HacBao.

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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
7th Sep 2014 (#)

Interesting story.Thanks for the share.

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author avatar RBB1010
7th Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks very much for this share.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
11th Sep 2014 (#)

Oh! What a sad story. If I understand correctly, the teacher died, giving the last of his earnings to the student he had been helping for a long time. If that is not a correct understanding, please help me understand better!

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author avatar Kingwell
15th Sep 2014 (#)

Interesting story!

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