The thoughts are mixed and they are sizzling in their deep dark depressions...

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Left alone to stew in his mixed up emotions, the poet relates his thoughts as to eggs in a frying pan, a deep, dark, and iron frying pan.

Scrambled as (Eggs) in a pan

My mind it rambles on, it spews out

Thoughts and rhymes but, they are not focused it’s scrambled

Like scrambled eggs in a frying pan

I need a decoder ring, just to remember, who I am

All I want is to be held, by my lost lover

Man; that woman of mine, she really did me in

Broke my heart, clouded my soul, and destroyed my mind

Made me void, of sexual contact and /or attraction

My Pride now shriveled and meek no love will I seek

Growing cold, to human contact and fearful

I pray for some kind of miracle, I have no clue as to what it may be

What could get me, out of this, my frying pan

This deep, dark cast iron, haze of sizzling depression

Could it be? Money, somewhere, or somebody?

I don’t know and I don’t care! Why does she get to me ?

She goes on living unharmed all day long, while I shrivel up and burn

She blew it! Why do I feel so damn guilty? She left you

You idiot! it says to me, every once an awhile

I just can’t conceive it, I held up the trust

I had no unwanted lust, for anyone, but her

I can’t let go of all the Grand Illusions, I held for her

And for me and For Us!

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man


Cast Iron, Dark, Deep, Eggs, Frying Pan, Grad Illusions, Guilty, Her, Money, Scrambled, Somebody, Somewhere, Trust

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