The top 5 reasons why my dog has bipolar

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This is a funny article about my dog. He's the funniest thing I own.

Why he's bipolar

He likes to run around all day long

He likes to run all day around the yard. He doesn't like to stay in one play. He's very hyper active. He's a runner for sure. If we're in the car, he got to put his head outside the window to catch the wind and then he smiles on the driver side. He could cause a disaster with his personalities. He wears me out. He needs medication to calm him down. He gives me a free workout whenever I have to catch up with him.

He's confused most of the time

He can be confused most of the time. He doesn't know where he's at and he doesn't know what I'm trying to do. He sees me and he likes me but when I turned my head, he get really scared of my hair and he thinks that my hair is someone else.

He's happy and sometimes he's angry

He has a mixture of mood. Sometimes he's happy and sometimes he's angry. He's angry and then happy and then angry again. You just never know when he's going to be angry again. If he finds out that I hang out with other dogs, he gets really angry.

More reasons why he's bipolar

He's super hyper

He's super hyper and he has to do ten things at once just like me. He got to run around all day long and then rip all of my clothing and things. He once ran like ten miles in a heartbeat. He never gets tire.

He's nuts about me

My dog is crazy about me. He loves me and I love him. He even told me that he loves me cause I taught him how to say it. He's so crazy that he will check my clothing to see if I have other dog smells. If I do, it means that I have been hanging out with other dogs and he doesn't like that. He even attacks my other new dogs just cause he's jealous and he doesn't want any other dog around.


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