The truth within

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Here is the continuation of "The Truth Within - The Beginning". You can find the first part here:

The Truth Within - The Beginning. Part 2

Three months later.
- Naoto-kun! Naoto-kun!
- Ah.... what do you want, Madoka?
- That's rude! And here I came just to tell you about the new student!
- What new student?!? asks Naoto.
- His name is Kurihara Asazuki. He will be in our class.
- I see. Thanks. The ring bell stops their conversation.
- Class starts! Let's go! And she grabs Naoto's hand and starts pulling him.
in class, everyone is seated and the teacher is standing firm.
- Class, we have a new student. Please take care of him! And a tall boy, with blond hair walks in.
- Hello everyone! My name is Kurihara Asazuki! Please take care of me! And as he says the last words, he makes a deep bow.
- Well then, let's pick a seat for you.
- Sensei, if you don't mind, I'd like to stay near Naoto-kun. Hearing those last words, Naoto's face is filled with curiosity.
- Ah....sure!
As Asazuki lays down, he speaks with a grim smile on his face:
- I'm sorry for your loss....
Naoto looks really confused. Did he misheard what he said? Or does Asazuki really knew his brother. As he wants to ask what his relationship with his brother was, the teacher interrupts him.
- You can chat in your free time. Now please focus on the lesson. You have an exam next period.
As the hour ends, Naoto starts looking for Asazuki. As he gets on the roof, he starts getting pissed.
- Where the hell....
- Naoto-kun! Screams Madoka.
- Not you again!
- You don't have to be so rude....anyway, why didn't you tell me that you knew Asazuki-san?
- That's because I don't know him!
- Than how...
- I don't know! That's what frustrates me! And he said something about...
- ...your brother.
- Wha?!? Naoto turns in the direction of the voice just to see Asazuki standing on a pole. How do you know my brother?!
- All in due time. And Asazuki turns to leave.
- Tell me what you know! Screams Naoto. Asazuki smiles, and he vanishes.
- How did he do that? asks Madoka.
- I don't care... all I care about is my brother. And as he said that he fell with his back against the fence.


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author avatar Sheila Newton
29th Jan 2012 (#)

Lovely - can't wait for the next episode

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author avatar Sheila Newton
29th Jan 2012 (#)

Lovely, lovely, lovely

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