The unpredictable balance

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Well i do belive life itself is unpredictable anything can happen butwith a twist..


Well we sort of know how arranged our life is joking , our life is always considered to be unpredictable, unstable , mystery. But have you ever saw through it? Have you ever seen even with all the alterations life's moves in such way that everything falls to their place. Whatever algorithm you wanna give but you cant decipher that arrangement which our all mighty do in such a way that everything comes and falls in place. Let me explain you with my own experience. We are the generation who belive things with valid proof else its fake for us. So let me try tk prove how life is working out its arrangement.
I don't remember the date but it was a Wednesday. Well by profession I am a teacher (private one though) . And I earn money to meet my college fees and other stuff. And as well as I am a college student too. So you know we do have to look well for the attendance (less than 75% you are out of your college) . Wednesday I have one tution at evening 7 . Well my college end at 5:10pm and as I have a class to attend . I do have to take my train at 5:52pm after taking train I have to travel down via metro then walking for 20 minutes. Now the catchy part, my college is situated in such a place where the availability of auto and bus to reach railway station is 50% . Most of the time we have to walk down 25 minutes through a narrow path and then we take an auto and reach the railway station. But this will let me reach my tution class at 8pm. I hope now you understood how hectic it is for me to travel such and reach my destination at time.
Now comes the second catchy point, the tution I am talking about. They are a family who are very punctual ( mind it punctual means very much punctual a second also counts for them). Even this family is most blind to other people's problem's too. If I am late by 1 minute they would call up and say why are you late and all. Whereas they know I have to come from so far place but still they are not bothered. So basically I don't go to college on Wednesday to avoid the trouble.
But aa your know life unpredictable I had to go. Well I was kind of prepare that today as soon as the ball rang I would go running to catch auto. I would not wait for other people. If needed I would ask my department head to let me go a bit early. You know fully prepared. Then around 3:30pm my phone rang. And that respective students mommy informed me that please don't come today we are not at home. Well seriously it did fussed me , means I was all ready to leave but little I knew it was all for my good. My college bell rang at the usual time. Since I don't had any tution that day I came cosily. When I reached down I found two auto with only two seats left. God be gracious I took it and reached station at time.I took my usual 5:52 pm train. I was wondering why she cancelled the class I would have reached at time nothing would have been late. My train covered 6 station. I get down at the sixth station. While my train was reaching the fourth station , it stopped. Yes it stopped the train stopped not for 1-2 minute but for 15 good minutes!! There was some congestions in the train line so the train has to be stopped for some time. So basically I would be late for 15 good minutes which you know would fetch me in trouble. You may think this is the arrangement I am talking about? But no , the story doesn't end here. I reached home lately as my train was late. When I reached home I saw my uncle Aunty. Well that was a surprise ! They said "ohh! you came home ? I was thinking to call you up to ask if you could be free then we would be going for cinema, but your mommy said you are busy today with your class. "
Now you can imagine what I meant by arrangements seriously man look to it. My class got cancelled which was all set done.I was fussed at it. Then my trian got late which means my tution would have a dream only but after that reaching home I got time to enjoy with mt aunty uncle .
So here you go what is arrangement. Finally everything falls in place . God is the best designer he designed everything perfectly you cant judge him or ask him but you can only go through it. So next time if you feel your things are falling out of order then hold on roller coaster ride is ready so wear your seat belts...
Ps- the students mother didn't asked me for an extra class since it was her mistake to absent the class. So perfectly misshapen arrangements.


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