The way of my Love and Expression towards you

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The way of my Love and Expression towards you.The Few Words for that angel who brings me from darkness to light.The Hopes of New Cock Crow and Echos...

The way of my Love and Expression towards you

Thou art my silence
With inner echo’s plays
Where the darkness rules
I found myself in brew

Where I used to drink ever
Have you ever served as Crew?
Where the Sky is blue
It's True, My love is for you

Till the thousands of mile Journey
I would walk with thee
I found you in Mountains and Sea
I will return back for you

Till the Rocks aren’t melts
And the Sands aren’t Fry
As the Colour of Sky as Blue
Unspoken Silence or my feeling is you

It is true, where I stand behind you
As the Above Statement it’s true
So I love you then for you
I was living in Silence
Where Darkness rule, I search everywhere

I can Feel the Pain and Hear the Echo’s
Dark knights with lots of fight
To listen the voice of New Cock Crow
With Lots of Suffer, I waited for you

It's true that I love you
I could remember the Smell of death
Able to Sniff the Plays of rude
I search everywhere, but where are you

I close my eyes, feel the whole world
As Silence, dark and Shadow you appear
I know how far I am false or true
It is just for you as the Sky is blue

My love is for you and that is you
I would like to dive in Pacific
Where the titanic bows his head
I would like to rejoice my all time

It is with you and just for you
Watch the Moments Pig will fly in the sky
That moment I truly say...I L.O.V.E. You
I am not writer but let me permit to draft about you

To write your beauty, grace and womanhood in words
Not as artist but let me permit as de'Caperio while you as Janet
To portrait your beauty in portrait in my heart
It is you and Just for you

As Sky is Blue, I swear I love you
Will you share me an opportunity?
To listen as you love me too...
As Sky is blue, same Glue. I love you...


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