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How do you feel when you find precious things like your wedding ring after losing it for a few moments ? What sort of thoughts creep in your mind when you lose things ? Go on to enjoy a story on such a situation a woman faced.

The train Journey

It was early morning, by the time the train reached the destination. The platform was crowded with vendors, hawkers, coolies and other passengers.
Kamakshi had already got down the train without waiting for any coolie. She was actually waiting for her husband who had to come to the station to pick her up.
She had gone to her native place to attend a marriage of a distant relative along with Eswararao,her husband. Eswararao had come back to work a couple of days earlier.So,it was kamakshi who had to stay for another 2 days and come back home.It was their wedding day, their 25th wedding anniversary.So, she wouldn't stay any more at her native place though all were dear to her their.
She had a planned to go to the temple, make good dishes and celebrate it with her husband and children.That was really a very happy moment for her,recollecting the past years and memories...her eyes went on searching for her husband.There he was coming in a hurry,gasping for air,searching for her and finally both could find each other,rejoiced and then with a big sigh,Eswararao took the leather bag which Kamakshi was holding. Kamakshi smiled with relief though she denied at first to give it.

Towards the Exit

They had to take the stairs and move towards the ramp near the exit to go to the parking area.The train was in the 3rd platform and they had to move 2 more platforms to go to the exit. Kamakshi was very tired and it was a bit difficult for her to climb the stairs thought they were a few.Then on they could move on the ramp.
Slowly, she managed to move to the ramp and then both looked at each other, exchanging smiles and signs of encouragement for climbing the stairs.Then on they moved on the ramp which was not so difficult.But,while moving, Kamakshi held her fingers tight.She couldn't feel the soft solid ring in her ring finger when she tried to put her fingers close,this she did every now on then to feel that her ring was intact, still in her finger.

Search for the Ring

Tension prevailed in her mind after taking a few steps towards the exit. She stopped at once, calling Eswararao worriedly. Eswararao turned back ,mused and asked her what the matter was.
She couldn't find the wedding ring which she had worn especially on the occasion of the marriage.Never did she wear it for such a long time as it was very precious for her.This was not because it was a gold ring but because it was a sweet memory of their engagement.It was the first gift from her husband, that too before marriage.So, she used to wear it occasionally.lest she would lose it or drop it somewhere.
She turned around from where she had come.Without telling Eswararao a word, she went all the way running to the same place where she was waiting for her husband.

A Sigh of Relief

She didn't think about the people around nor did she have any idea whether she could go back climbing all the stairs which were being so difficult for her a few minutes back.She could climb all the steps and go down to the same platform and started looking in the same place where she stood.
No one bothered what she was doing, looking at everyone's feet.Suddenly she went to young lady who was standing at the same place.She saw at her feet, the lady got confused.Then Kamakshi bowed down beside her for something.The lady was shocked and jumped with terror.
Kamakshi took the ring which was lying just beside the lady, and with a smile said, its my wedding ring .The lady apologised but Kamakshi wouldn't bother about that.She was so happy that she was blushing by the time Eswararao saw her coming down the stairs.
He was so amazed to see her blushing for the ring.He was happy for her though he felt she would have told him a word to search for it instead of taking pains to go all the way long.
At the same time, he praised her for her presence of mind to search for the ring where she had waited for him.Usually, it doesn't occur to one's mind where to search, when they lose their belongings.And that too, in a crowded area, its difficult to find such costly things.
She was lucky enough to get the ring back, even in such a crowded place.
That was a true celebration for her, on the wedding day.She wouldn't forget it for years and shared it even with her grandchildren , laughing along with Eswararao.


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