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Welcome to all of you for reading this article.
Today I want to share something about Chess, the world's oldest game.

Oldest game Chess

Chess, the world's oldest game is a war-game for two played on a chequerd board with 16 pieces for each player. The game was invented in India 5,000 years ago. It was originally called Chaturanga meaning a four-divisioned army. The chess pieces actually represent a traditional Indian army consisting of four divisions, viz.,the elephant-mounted division, cavalry, charioteers and infantry. Chess became highly popular among the ruling classes in India by the 8th century A.D. Buddhism, Jainism and other religions that frowned upon violence had by then become fully established in the country. So kings and princes played this game to give expression to their craving for warfare. Chess demanded a high degree of intelligence. It spread to the countries of eastern Asia like China, Japan and Korea along with Buddhism. In China it was called Chong-Ki, which means the science of war through play. By the 13th century chess had also spread to Persia, Arabia and Europe. Chess came to England through Spain in Western Europe in 1255 A.D. Soon it became popular there. It is said that the second book printed in English by Caxton press in 1477 was 'The Game and Play of Chess'. Slowly and steadily chess gained favour all over the world. Today it is the national game of Russia where there are around 7 million chess players.


Chess, Oldest Game

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author avatar madathil mhanian
13th Oct 2014 (#)

congratulations for the article. keep writing. meanwhile read a lot of other articles and magazines to improve your writing style and content. regards madathil mhanian

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author avatar kant123
13th Oct 2014 (#)

ajit12, good know that chess is oldest game, thanks for sharing the article...

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
13th Oct 2014 (#)

Thank you for sharing this article on the history of chess. I've learned something new today and that is a good thing. I always wanted to learn how to play chess but I've never actually sat down and studied the directions. After reading this article I think I want to learn how to play.

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author avatar viewgreen
13th Oct 2014 (#)

Actually, I also really a stupid one who never know to play this oldest game... I've tried to learn many times but I couldn't understand how this game very enjoyable by others... It's make me jealous... Hahaa lol! :)
Thank you for share this... and nice to see you here. :)

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
14th Oct 2014 (#)

Interesting post and one of a kind writing!

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